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Gematotropona funds

The group

Blood is essential for the normal functioning of the organism, providing cells with oxygen and nutrients, ensuring the exchange of information between the tissues, organs, endocrine implementing regulation. It circulates in a closed space, sossoudistom lines and the support of the "pump", the heart and tone smooth muscles walls arteries and veins (see Cardiovascular means).
Medicines are in this group are intended to preserve the rock properties of the blood, its yield (see Antiagreganta, Antikoagulyanty, Fibrinolitiki) for the replenishment of circulating pressure on the liquid (see Tools enteralnogo and parenteral nutrition) Education brain and the maintenance of the integrity of (turn) vascular bed if it is broken for any reason, for example, the injury (see Coagulants (including factors such as blood clotting), gemostatiki); separate subgroup (see Amphetamine gemopoaiza) is a coalition of substance trigger the formation of blood cells involved in the marketing of its many functions.