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Coagulants (including factors such as blood clotting), gemostatiki

The group

To prevent and stop bleeding apply the enhancements blood coagulation (gemostatiki). Gemostaticalkie of drugs represented different groups and different in the action.
Locally to stop capillary and parenchymatous bleeding apply trombin (natural product 821-828), and other local gemostatiki (gemostatical sponge with ambenom, gemostatical collagen sponge, etc.), have not only gemostaticescoe but antiseptic effect to the tissue regeneration and the healing of wounds.
By gemostatikam General (Systems) of the vitamin C and its homologues (menadiona sodium bisulphite, etc.). Vitamin K is противогеморрагическ им koagulyaim or vitamin because it is participating in biosynthese protrombinovogo complex (protrombina and factors VII, IX and X), and contributes to the smooth out blood. The deficiency of vitamin C developed hemorrhagic phenomena.
In order to normalize blood clotting in patients with hemophilia, as well as violations of hemostasis caused by circulating inhibitors of blood clotting, have special preparations containing various factors such as blood clotting (antigemofilny factor VIII, etc.). In some cases, in order to reduce bleeding apply also extracts and infusions from plant materials (nettle leaves, grass vervain, pastushyei bags, hot water, etc.).
A specific antagonist heparin contributing to the normalization of blood coagulability when overdose is Protamine sulfate. The mechanism of action is related to the formation of complexes with geparinom.


  • Antihemophilic factor viii
  • Carbazochrome
  • Eptacog alfa (activated)
  • Factor ix complex
  • Ferric polyacrylate
  • Menadione sodium bisulfite
  • Protamine sulfate
  • Agamfil in
  • Adrokson
  • Adrokson solution 0.02% in 182,000,000
  • Aimafix d.e.
  • Antigemofilnaya plasma
  • Antigemofilny factor cheloveka-m (ahf-m)
  • Benefix
  • Vikasol
  • Vikasola injection 1%
  • Gelaspon
  • Gelfoum
  • Gemoktin sdt
  • Gemostatical viscose
  • Gemostatical sponge with ambenom
  • Hitachi Gemofactor
  • Gemofil m
  • Gelatin
  • Jelplastan
  • Immunat
  • Immunin
  • Kaprofer
  • Katalugem
  • Kogeneit fs
  • Kolapol sponge
  • Kolartek
  • Collagen mass
  • Konin 80
  • Koeit-dwi
  • Koeit-hp
  • Kriopretipitat dry
  • Crowoostanawlivataya gauze
  • Crowoostanawlivati pencil
  • Lagoden
  • Lagodena injection 0.5%
  • Monark-m
  • Monoclat-p
  • Novoseven
  • Auxizelodeks
  • Octavi
  • Oktanain
  • Oktanain fax (filtered)
  • Mistletoe white sheet fresh
  • White mistletoe leaves fresh infusion
  • Plasma beszitratnaya
  • Plasma beszitratnaya dry
  • Plasma concentrated natus
  • Plasma dry with vikasolom
  • Poligemostat
  • Policapran
  • The preparation ppsb
  • Protamine sulfate
  • Protamine sulphate
  • Rekombinat
  • Replenin
  • Spongostan
  • Statizol
  • Tahokomb
  • Tissookol Whale
  • Trombin
  • Vervain grass
  • Vervain grass rezano-pressovannaya
  • Vervain grass RDX round
  • Vervain Flowers
  • Vervain extract liquid
  • Uman of d.i.
  • Uman edge d.e.
  • The s ix
  • The viii y (bpl)
  • Factors ix standard
  • Ferakril
  • Ferakrila solution 1%
  • Fibrinnaya izogennaya sponge
  • Fibrinnaya izogennaya film
  • Fibrinnaya film
  • Fibrinogen
  • Emoklot d.e.