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Androgens, antiandrogena

The group

The hormone male sex glands-androgenom is testosterone. The state-of-the-art circulating in the blood testosterone in kletkah-misheniah restored 5-alfa-reduktaza in 5-alfa-digidrosteron, that binds to receptors androgenov and enters the nucleus of cells in some tissues may tying itself with testosterone receptors.
For the application in medical practice testosterone in the form of propionata receive synthetic means. Testosterone propionat the biological and medical effects of natural hormones, but more slowly absorbed and more racks in the body.
In addition to the specific actions androgennogo products of this group have other properties, in particular, operate on nitrogenous and phosphorous exchange. They have anabolicescoy activity, but use of these drugs as anabolic (see Anaboliki) hamper their androgenne effects.
Androgens appoint men, mostly with sexual nedorazvitia, functional violations in the sex, menopausal syndrome, akromegalia. Introduction androgenov women is braking gonadotropona pituitary function, oppression of follikuliarnogo apparatus and ovaries, endometrium bone, suppression of lactation. Sometimes androgena appoint women in the climacteric vascular and nerve disorders in cases when protivopokazana estrogenic drugs (with tumors of the reproductive organs and breast, uterine artistic methods).
Antiandrogena (bikalutamid, nilutamid, finasterid, etc.) used mainly in oncological practice (see Protivoopujoleve hormonal and hormone antagonists).


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