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Hormones thyroid cancer, a month and antagonists (including antitireoidnye means)

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Thyroid gland hormones producyruet tiroksin and triyodtironin. Both hormones are similar multifaceted effect on the body, increasing the need tissues of oxygen, increased energy processes stimulate growth and differentiation of tissues, affect the functional state of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, liver, kidneys and other organs, increased glucose intake and its disposal. Effect tireoidnykh hormones may vary depending on the dose. For example, low doses of tiroksina have anaboliceski effect, large doses of the same result in enhanced protein degradation. In high doses tireoidnye hormones down on the feedback tireotroponuu active glands.
Triyodtironin 3-5 times more active than tiroksin, and the faster as less associated with the blood protein (circulates in the blood is in a free form), and to cross the cell membrane. The latent period triyodtironina is 4-8 h, and tiroksina 24-48 hours In clinical practice, using synthetic tiroksin (levotiroksin sodium) and triyodtironin (liotironin), as well as tireoidin, derivable from schitovidnykh glands slaughter cattle (contains tiroksin and triyodtironin). Assign tiroksin and triyodtironin (in a relatively small doses), with the lack of the thyroid gland and in higher doses (not of hyperthyroidism, but sufficient to suppress tireotropona activity), with the excess tireotropona pituitary function. To fill iodine deficiency in these products often include potassium iodide or designate it further. Are combined preparations containing tireoidnye hormones, and in some cases adding potassium iodide.
Hormone antagonists thyroid are antitireoidnye drugs.
Giperprodukcia hormone thyroid - tiroksina leads to the development of degenerative diseases (thyrotoxicosis and Basedov disease tireotoksicski goitre) get that through pharmacotherapy, surgery or a combination thereof.
Antitireoidnye drugs (pharmacotherapy) for the treatment of hyperthyroidism applied very broadly. One of the major synthetic means the group is tiamazol, but so are potassium perchlorate, and some other drugs. The mechanism of action is that the salt tiroksina in the thyroid gland by the blockade of the atom iodine molecule tiroksina. They accelerate the withdrawal of thyroid iodine, drove activity of enzyme systems, involved in the oxidation of iodine to salt braking tireoglobulina, and the delay in making diyodtirosina in tri-and tetrajodtirosin, or braking release tireotroponogo pituitary hormone.
Thyroid gland producyruet also calzitonin - gipocalziemicski hormone action. Currently, the eight known types calzitonina, of which medical importance calzitonin salmon, pigs and humans. Produced calzitonin parafollikuliarnami lighter thyroid cells, and thymus glands paraszczytovidnykh. A technology for synthetic and calzitonina.


  • L-tiroksin
  • L-tiroksin 100 berlin-hemi
  • L-tiroksin 100 berlin-hemi, berlin-chemie/menarini group
  • L-tiroksin 25 berlin-hemi
  • L-tiroksin 25 berlin-hemi, berlin-chemie ag
  • L-tiroksin 50 berlin-hemi
  • L-tiroksin 50 berlin-hemi, berlin-chemie/menarini group
  • L-tiroksin-akri
  • L-tiroksin-farmc
  • Levothyroxine sodium
  • Liothyronine
  • Potassium perchlorate
  • Propylthiouracil
  • Thiamazole
  • Betazina pills 0.05g
  • Yodomarin 100
  • Yodomarin 200
  • Yodomarin100
  • Yodomarin200
  • Yodostin
  • Yodtirox
  • L-tirok
  • Merkazolil
  • Metizol
  • Mikroyod
  • Mikroyodid
  • Sodium iodide
  • Sodium levotiroksin
  • Novotiral
  • Propitsil
  • Tireoidin
  • Tireoidina granules for children
  • Tireoidina pills Film-coated
  • Tireoidina tablets covered liner 0.05g
  • Tireokomb
  • Tireotom
  • Fort Tireotom
  • Tyrosol
  • Triyodtironin 50 berlin-hemi
  • Eferox