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The group

Cora napochechnikov mammals and humans makes many steroid hormones, which are called korticosteroidami. They are derived pregnana and is structurally divided into 11-dezoxisteroida, 11-oksisteroida and 11,17-oksisteroida. The first group includes дезоксикортикостерон . The group 11,17-oksisteroidov include cortizone, kortizol (hydrocortisone), and a number of derivatives. Cortizone, hydrocortisone, dezoxicorticosteron are endogenous substances formed in the body. They are identified in crystalline form and can be obtained by synthetic.
The drugs have also been a number of synthetic corticosteroid drugs. Endogenous hormones crust napochechnikov indispensable for the life of humans and animals. Animals die in a few days, after removing napochechnikov (adrenektomii). Acute malnutrition was napochechnikov sgutmenem blood drop AD gastrointestinal disorders, asthenia, low body temperature and the exchange; is also giponatriemia and giperkaliemia, hypoglycaemia, the delay in the blood of nitrogen substances. Introduction adrenektomirovannam animals corticosteroid prevents these pathological phenomena.
In the effect on the metabolism corticosteroids are roughly into two groups : glukokortikoida and mineralokortikoida. Cortizone and hydrocortisone are the main representatives of glucocorticoids, dezoxicorticosteron - mineralokortikoidov.