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The group

The main representatives are mineralokortikoidov and aldosteron дезоксикортикостерон . These hormones influence on the exchange of electrolytes and water and relatively little on carbohydrate and protein exchange. Drugs дезоксикортикостерон а acetate (DOXA), and �езоксикортикостерон�� trimetilazett widely applied in the human napochechnikov (gipokortitizme), especially with Addison disease, as well as in gravis, a common muscle weakness, adinamii, gipohloremia and other water-related violations of mineral exchange.


  • Desoxycortone
  • Fludrocortisone
  • Дезоксикортикостерон а acetate
  • Дезоксикортикостерон а acetate injection in the oil 0.5%
  • Дезоксикортикостерон а acetate tablets
  • Дезоксикортикостерон а trimetilazett
  • Дезоксикортикостерон а trimetilazetta suspension for injection 2.5%
  • Kortineff
  • Kortineff, jelfa pharmaceutical works
  • Florinef