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Immunoglobulins are proteins Rights (animals), who were active and antibodies present in the blood, spinal fluid, lymph nodes, spleen, Saliva and other tissues. UM they limfoidnykh cells contain carbohydrate groups, and can be considered as glikoprotein. The electrophoretic mobility immunoglobulins relate mainly to gamma-globulinam and beta_2-globulinam. The biological role of immunoglobulins in the body linked to the participation in the process. Their protective function is the ability to specifically interact with the virus.
Immunoglobulinami (gamma-globulinami) is the purified and concentrated preparations gamma-globulinova factions whey proteins containing high captions antibodies. Discharge ballast whey protein helps reduce toxicity and provides rapid response and strong bonding with antigens. The gamma-globulinov reduces allergic reactions and complications arising from the introduction geterologichnykh serums. Modern technology is a human immunoglobulin guarantees loss virus infectious hepatitis. The immunoglobulinom in drugs is gamma globulin IgG. Sera and gamma-globulin give the body in different ways : subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intravenously. Perhaps the introduction spinal canal. Passive immunity arises in a few hours and lasts up to two weeks.
Gomologicnae serum or gamma-globulin rights anaphylacticakih cause reactions and are once. Man gamma-globulin to prevent measles impose injection of 1.5-3 ml.
An important prerequisite for the efficient use of serums and gamma-globulinov for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases is the earliest appointment from the disease, or infection. Protivodifterinuu stock being no later than 2 hours after the diagnosis, protivostolbnyachnuyu-in the first 12 hours after injury.


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  • Atgam
  • Biaven v.i.
  • Beirou-di
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  • Vigam-likvid
  • Vigam-s
  • Gabriglobin (immunoglobulin Rights normal intravenous dry)
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  • Gamma OKT3 human solution 16%
  • Gepatect
  • E.g. VIENA n.i.v.
  • Imbiogam
  • Immunovenin
  • Immunoglobulin
  • Immunoglobulin g anti-resus rho (e) monoclonalny Rights (concentrate)
  • Immunoglobulin g monoclonalny human anti-resus rho (e)
  • Antilimfocitarnyi immunoglobulin (alg)
  • Immunoglobulin from rabies serum horse liquid
  • Immunoglobulin antiresus rho (e) Rights
  • Immunoglobulin antiresus rho (e) rights liofilizirovanny
  • Immunoglobulin antistafilokokkovi rights liquid
  • Normal immunoglobulin rights intravenous
  • Immunoglobulin sheep against immunoglobulin m (igm) specific rights to m-tsepi иммуноаффиноочищенны й dry
  • Immunoglobulin against Venezuelan encephalomyelitis horses from the serum of horses liquid
  • Immunoglobulin hepatitis b Rights
  • Immunoglobulin against tick encephalitis from the serum of horses liquid
  • Immunoglobulin against tick encephalitis rights liquid
  • Immunoglobulin against Ebola fever of serum horses liquid
  • Immunoglobulin against Japanese encephalitis from serum horse liquid
  • Immunoglobulin protiwallergiceski liquid
  • Immunoglobulin protiwallergiceski Rights (liquid)
  • Immunoglobulin противоботулинически й Rights
  • Immunoglobulin противоботулинически й Rights intravenous
  • Immunoglobulin protivogripposny rights
  • Immunoglobulin protivodifterijny rights intravenous
  • Immunoglobulin protivokocluchny antitoxic rights liquid
  • Immunoglobulin противолептоспирозны й from the serum style liquid
  • Antitetanus immunoglobulin rights
  • Immunoglobulin rights antiresus rho (d)
  • Immunoglobulin rights antistafilokokkovi
  • Immunoglobulin rights antistafilokokkovi intravenous
  • Immunoglobulin rights antirotavirusny donor to the enteralnogo
  • Immunoglobulin Rights normal
  • Immunoglobulin Rights normal intravenous liquid
  • Immunoglobulin violations against Tick-borne encephalitis
  • Rights immunoglobulin antitetanus
  • Immunoglobulin enriched human igm
  • Immunoglobulinovi integrated drug use enteralnogo dry (k)
  • Intraglobin
  • Lactoglobulin against conditionally pathogenic bacteria and shorten cowpeas for oral administration dry
  • Lactoglobulin protivokoliproteiny cowpeas for oral administration dry
  • Neogepatect
  • Octagam
  • Pentaglobin
  • Sandoglobulin
  • Trigistaglobulin dry
  • Zitotect
  • Endobulin c / o