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Vaccines, serums, fagi

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It has been many years since, in an attempt to protect themselves against smallpox, Chinese have invested in the old dried ospenne strupya and Indians - Rub in the hole in the skin. Only E. Jenner (empirically), and L. Pasteur (Research) developed the framework for the creation and application of inoculation from living germs. The first in 1880-1885 respectively. L. Pasteur received vaccines against chicken cholera, anthrax and rabies. Vaccines-dyes to create a immunity to infectious diseases. Korpusculiarnae vaccine contains attenuated, or killed microbes (viriona) nekorpusculiarnae-products of their chemical molecules (chemical vaccines) exotoxin destroy bacteria or poisons (anatoxin). Vaccines differ in the number of antigens which are part of the complex : monovackzina and poliomyelitis (associate). The species composition of the vaccine may be bacterial, viral, riccetsiosnami.
Live vaccines contain weakened bacteria (bruzelleznaya, tulyareminaya, cumnaya, antiyazvennaya, TB), or viruses (against smallpox, yellow fever, rabies, polio, influenza, measles, mumps). The mutant strains can reproduce in the body privitom and cause short and nevarajennouu vaccine infection live vaccines (mainly monovackzina) more immunogenna create immunity of high tension continued for long periods of time. Thus, protivoospinnaya and tulyareminaya vaccines provide immunity 5-7-letny, anti-6-8-mesyachny. Unfortunately, they have some drawbacks : high reactogennosti, allergogennosti, the ability to cause severe complications, including generalized vaccinia process.
Killed vaccines (mono-and poly) are used for the prevention of typhoid, paratifov, whooping cough, cholera, leptospirosis, dysentery, influenza, polio, Tick-borne encephalitis, etc. These vaccines are low impaired, a short process (up to 1 year), probably because of technological denaturation antigens.
Full microbial antigens, cleaned of impurities, a chemical vaccine. They are characterized by low reactogennostew, the effectiveness of superior killed vaccine. Used for the prevention of typhoid, paratifov A and B (vaccine Tavte with tetanus toxoid), whooping cough, tuberculosis.
Toxoids (tetanus, diptheria, gangrenous, botulinum, stafilokokkovi) - little reactogenna can form tight immunity 4-5 years.
At the present time, the doctor has about 30 vaccines. By the antibacterial 16 (difterinaya, koklushnaya, bruzelleznaya, tulyareminaya, cumnaya, sibireyazvennaya, tuberculosis, etc.) to the anti-8 (against smallpox, rabies, influenza, polio, measles, etc.). In addition, the two used riccetsiosnye (curricular fever, Ku-lihoradka) and antileptospirosnaya vaccine. Promising is the creation of synthetic and recombinant antiadiotipiceskih vaccines.
Faguy are viruses that can enter the bacterial cells, reproduce and cause its lysis. Bakteriofaguy used to fagoprophylactiki fagoterapii and infectious diseases. Fagoterapii advantage is the possibility of electoral lizirovania certain germs and safe for the patient. Assign bakteriofaguy in various intestinal infections, dysbacteriosis, grand infections, etc. The combination fago- and chemotherapy.


  • Ii H-b-waks
  • Avaksim
  • Agrippal s1
  • Aeruginozofag (bakteriofag psevdomonas aeruginoza (sinegnany liquid)
  • Diphtheria дифтерийно-столбнячн��й adsorbirovanny purified c reduced antigen content liquid (ads-m-anatoksin)
  • Diphtheria diptheria purified adsorbirovanny with reduced antigen content liquid (ad-m-anatoksin)
  • Kokluchny diphtheria absorbed liquid
  • Diphtheria tetanus purified adsorbirovanny donors liquid (as-anatoksin donor).
  • Diphtheria tetanus adsorbirovanny purified liquid (as-anatoksin)
  • Bakteriofag bruchnotifosny tablets with the coating kislotoustoichivam
  • Bakteriofag dizenterijny polivalennetary
  • Bakteriofag dizenterijny polivalennetary (tablets with kislotoustoichivam coated and candlelight)
  • Bakteriofag dizenterijny polivalennetary (tablets with kislotoustoichivam coated)
  • Bakteriofag psevdomonas aeruginoza liquid
  • Bakteriofag salmonellezny groups a, b, c, d, e tablets with the coating kislotoustoichivam
  • Bakteriofag salmonellezny groups abcde liquid and dry with coated kislotoustoichivam
  • Bakteriofag stafilokokkovi in an aerosol dispenser liquid
  • Bakteriofag stafilokokkovi for injection liquid
  • Bakteriofag stafilokokkovi liquid
  • Bakteriofag streptokokkovi liquid
  • Bakteriofaguy bruchnotifoznae vi-tipove liquid
  • Baktitid
  • Begriwak
  • Bubo-cock
  • Bubo-m
  • Waksigrip
  • Wakta
  • A vaccine antirabical kulturalnaya dry vaccine to immunize Rights (rabiwak-vnukovo-32)
  • A vaccine antirabical kulturalnaya concentrated purified inactivated dry
  • A vaccine bruchnotifosnaya vi-polisaharidnaya liquid (vianwak)
  • A vaccine bruchnotifosnaya bottle dry (tifiwak)
  • Bzj vaccine immunotherapy for bladder cancer dry (imuron vaccine)
  • Hepatitis A vaccine in rekombinantnaya drojjeva liquid
  • A vaccine gonokokkova
  • Measles virus allantoisnaya intranasal live dry
  • The vaccine virus derived liquid eluatno-centrifujnaya
  • Influenza vaccine trivalent полимер-субъединична�� liquid (grippol)
  • A vaccine коклюшно-дифтерийно-с толбнячная adsorbirovannaya liquid (akds-vackzina)
  • Giardia vaccine kulturalnaya live dry
  • Meningococcal vaccine and + with
  • A vaccine parotitnaya kulturalnaya live dry
  • A vaccine parotitno-korevaya kulturalnaya live dry
  • Policomponentnaya vaccine antigens of conditional pathogens dry for immunotherapy
  • A vaccine against hepatitis in dnk rekombinantnaya (vaccine against hepatitis c)
  • A vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella live attenuated liofilizirovannaya
  • A vaccine against rubella live attenuated
  • A vaccine against severe encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis (oemc vaccine)
  • A vaccine sibireyazvennaya employment live dry
  • A vaccine стафило-протейно-сине гнойная adsorbirovannaya liquid
  • Staphylococcal vaccine healing liquid (antifagin stafilokokkovi)
  • Staphylococcal vaccine dry for immunotherapy
  • Varilriks
  • Verorab
  • Vianwak
  • Vitagerpawak
  • Gep-a-in-wak
  • Gep-a-in-wak-pol
  • Dizfag (bakteriofag dizenterijny polivalennetary liquid)
  • Diftawachs
  • Imovax
  • Infanriks
  • Influvak
  • Klebsifag liquid (bakteriofag klebsiell pneumonia)
  • Ii M-m-r
  • Mengok b and c
  • Mentsevaks acwy
  • Piopolifag (piobacteriofag combined liquid)
  • HT 1923
  • Polisaharidnaya meningococcal vaccine and + with
  • Priorix
  • Rabipur
  • Rudiwachs
  • Sekstafag (piobacteriofag polivalennetary liquid)
  • Solkotrichowak
  • Solkourowak
  • Stafilofag (bakteriofag stafilokokkovi liquid)
  • Streptofag (bakteriofag streptokokkovi liquid)
  • D25 against poison gurzy horsepower pure concentrated liquid
  • D25 against cobra venom horsepower pure concentrated liquid
  • D25 against poison spider karakurt horsepower pure concentrated liquid
  • D25 against poison efa horsepower pure concentrated liquid
  • D25 against poison snakes gurzy, efa, cobra polyvalent horsepower pure concentrated liquid
  • Cell pupovinna human blood liquid
  • Twinriks
  • Tetrakok
  • Tifim vision
  • Trianatoksin botulinum and, in, e adsorbirovanny for revaccination for donors liquid
  • Tritanriks-hb
  • Fluarix
  • Fsme-immun inject
  • Havricc 720
  • Havriks
  • Hiberiks
  • Shigellwak
  • Eberbiowak hb
  • Engerix in
  • Engjevir
  • Entsepur
  • Entsepur adult
  • Entsepur child
  • Ervewachs
  • Euvaks in