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Adenosinergicakie funds

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The adenosinergicakih funds as a result of direct contact with adenozinovmi (purinovmi) receptor, and indirect impact on the collapse and the accumulation of adenosine (one of purinovykh neiromodulatorov). Specialized purinove receptors (Post and presinapticalkie) are : the R_1-retseptora (which is highly sensitive to adenozino) and R_2-retseptora (more sensitive APF). Both types found in the central nervous system, cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary system limfo- and platelets, etc.
It is known that adenosine mainly the cardiovascular effects vazodilataciei display (with the improved circulation and reduced aggregation of platelets), and negative foreign, and the chrono dromotroponam influence on the heart, involving braking intracellular transport calcium ions. Several drugs (lidoflazin, dipiridamol, papaverin, etc.) affect the adenosine metabolism contribute to the accumulation of miocarde or potenziruut effect; use them as koronarolitikov with IBS.
R_1-retseptorov antagonists - metilxantina (caffeine, theofillin, etc.) stimulate the central nervous system.


  • Aminophylline
  • Choline theophyllinate
  • Diprophylline
  • Theobromine
  • Theophylline
  • Aminomal
  • Aminofillin
  • Afonilum avg
  • Ventaks
  • Diprofillin
  • Diprofillina solution 10% Injection
  • Diprofillina tablets 0.2 g
  • Diffumal 24
  • Neotheopak and
  • Candles with theofillinom 0.2 g (at poliatilenaksidna basis)
  • Slou-bid
  • Spofillin retard 100
  • Spofillin retard 250
  • Suppositories with diprofillinom 0.5 g
  • Theo
  • Teobiolong
  • Teobromin
  • Teobromin tablets 0.25 g
  • Teodil
  • Theopek
  • Theostat
  • Teotard
  • Theofillin
  • Theofillin anhydrous
  • Theofillin PET n
  • Theofillin-n.s.
  • Теофиллин-этилендиам��н
  • Uniler
  • Etifillin
  • Eufillin
  • Eufillin injection
  • Eufillin, novosibhimpharm Интернет
  • Eufillina injection 2.4%
  • Eufillina injection 24%
  • Eufillina pills 0.15g
  • Eufillina tablets 150 mg
  • Eufilong