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The gistaminoliticakih products includes monies prevent interaction gistamina sensitive to the fabric receptor (antihistamines), or restrict release gistamina of tissues, participating in its biosynthese and deposits, including of sensitised mastocitov (membrane stabilizers fat cells). Mode of Action antigistaminnah resulted from competition with the gistaminom receptors. Working with gistaminovmi receptor, it prevents linking them gistamina and thus prevent the development or reduce its effects. Depending on the variety blocking receptor antihistamines are divided into N_1-, and N_2- Н_3-гистаминоблокатор��.
H_1-retseptorov blockers (it is they are usually the term "antihistamines" ") are used for the prevention and treatment of allergic diseases of skin, eye, etc. N_2-blokatora are mainly in the �астроэнтерологическ��й practice as anti-facility (see H_2-antigistaminne means). Selective antagonists N_3-retseptorov for clinical use is not yet in place. Stabilisers membranes fat cells reduce the flow of calcium ions and impeding liberatiou gistamina and other biologically active substances from mastocitov not repressing reaction to the already spare histamine.