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Stabilisers membranes fat cells

The group

Stabilisers membranes fat cells are drugs that prevent the opening of calcium channels and the entrance of calcium in mast cells. They drove calzizawisimuu degranulatia cells and exit them gistamina (in mastocitah deposited 90% of the mediator), a factor aguirutego platelets, lakotrienov, incl. slowly responsive substance arginine, limfokinov and other biologically active substances, inducyruth allergic and inflammatory reactions. Stabilizing membranes fat cells from fosfodiesterzy blockade and the accumulation of Zamf.
An important aspect противоаллергическог о of membrane stabilizers fat cells is the increased sensitivity to adrenoretseptorov kateholaminam. In addition, the products have the ability to block channels alkali and prevent thus depoliarizatia parasimpaticakih suffixes in bronchitis. They prevent cell infiltration mucous membranes, bronchi and hinder the development of slow response гиперчувствительност и. Some of the drugs of this group (ketotifen, etc.) have the ability to block N_1-retseptora (antigistaminnoe effect).
Stabilisers membranes fat cells eliminate swelling mucous membranes, bronchi and warn (but not kupeeroout) increased vitality smooth muscles. The major indication for the purpose is to prevent bronhoobstruktion. Prophylactic effect develops gradually over 2-12 weeks. Stabilisers membranes fat cells are blended with other means for the prevention of bronchoobstructive syndrome. In some cases, their use can reduce the dose or stop receiving corticosteroid and bronhodilatatorov.


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