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This is the case of histamine and betagistin. For medical use of histamine is produced by bacterial degradation gistidina or synthetically. Histamine being dropped because when administered it is poorly absorbed and low efficiency. Broad use of the drug histamine not.
Sometimes histamine used in poliartritah, sustavne and muscle rheumatism : vnutrikozhnoe introduction gistamina dihydrochloride (0.1-0.5 ml of 1% solution), rubbing ointments containing histamine, and electrophoresis gistamina cause severe hyperemia and reduce pain. The pain associated with nerve injury (back, pleksit, etc.) with the same purpose impose intracutaneously (0.2-0.3 ml of 0.1% solution).
In allergic diseases, including bronchial asthma, krapiwnice etc., as well as migraines to the desensitization of small, increasing doses gistamina. The growing resistance to gistaminu and reduced predisposition to allergic reactions.
Histamine is also used to diagnose pharmacological feohromotsytoma, functional state of the stomach. It should comply with great caution because of possible side effects (gipotenzivne act bronhospazm etc.).
In overdose, and the high degree of sensitivity to gistaminu development may collapse and shock.
Betagistin is diaminoxydasy inhibitor-enzyme inaguirutego histamine. It stabilizes endogenous histamine and has gistaminopodobnoe effect. Betagistin effective oral application, he relaxes prekapilliarnae sfinktera receptacles inner ear, improves. It is used in Ménière disease and other diseases involving attacks vertigo noise in the ears, decreased hearing, etc.