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Serotoninergicakie funds

The group

This group consists of drugs interacting with specific serotoninovmi or 5-NT (5-гидрокситриптамино��ыми) receptors. Serotonin contains almost all organs and tissues, but more than 90% of the detected at enterohromaffinnah blood cells. The blood accumulates serotonin (active transport) in platelets, in the central nervous system in serotoninergicakih neuron; His last synthesize and emit.
The pharmacological effects serotonin mediated initiation 5-NT_1-, 5-NT_2- 5-nt_3-tipami and serotonin receptors. Its main effect is the reduction of smooth muscles vazokonstrikciei (except receptacles skeletal muscles and heart), increases AD activated platelets aggregation, increased strength and peristalsis blood, pain stimulation and the development of nausea and vomiting. Some serotoninergicakie funds (serotonin, mexamin, etc.) automatically serotoninove receptors, and are used mainly in gemorragicescom syndrome, hypothesis and al anemiah, gemorragicescom vasculite, others digidrirovanne alkaloids LPV (digidroergotamin) derivative lysergic acid (metisergid) some antihistamines and protivorvotnye means (including cizaprid etc.) 5-nt_2-retseptora block, shoot down peripheral vessels and pressorne effects of serotonin, compared vomit reflex and manifestations of allergies; the latter have been used widely as a means for the treatment of migraine and headache (sumatriptan et al) nausea and vomiting (odansetron, tropisetron, granizetron et al), hypertension (quetinserin etc.).


  • Cyproheptadine
  • Dihalroergotamine
  • Iprazochrome
  • Mexamin
  • Naratriptan
  • Pizotifen
  • Rizatriptan benzoate
  • Serotonin
  • Sumatriptan
  • Tegaserod
  • Zolmitriptan
  • Dg-ergotamin
  • Divascan
  • Digidergot nazalny aerosol
  • Ditamin
  • Zelmak
  • Zomig
  • Imigran
  • Mexamin
  • Mexamina tablets covered liner 0.05g
  • Naramig
  • Neomigran
  • Peritol
  • Relpaks
  • Serotonin adipate
  • Adeepinata serotonin injection 1%
  • Sumatriptan succinate