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Antigipoksanta and antioxidants

The group

Antigipoksanta (olifen, aktovegin etc.), drugs, improve recycling organism oxygen and reduce the need for it (increasing resistance to hypoxia) organs and tissues. The apparent role in the fight against the gipoksiei antioxidants (tokoferol, stabilizer, probukol, emoksipin, and ascorbic acid lipoevaya, rutin, etc.). Enabling francoradikalnah processes and peroxide oxidation accompanies many diseases : arteriosclerosis and тромбогеморрагически е complications (heart attack, stroke), diabetes, chronic nonspecific defeat light, the decline and cellular immunity gumoralland et al. and antioxidants are mandatory components of a comprehensive therapy. Free-the normal recovery of free radicals in the stable molecular form (unable to participate in the chain autookislenia). Antioxidants either directly bind free radicals (direct antioxidants), or encourage antiauxidantnuu organ system (indirect antioxidants).


  • Mildronate
  • Poly (dihydroxyphenylenethiosulfonate sodium)
  • Tirilazad
  • Trimetazidine
  • Vero-trimetazidin
  • Vitanam
  • Gipoksen
  • Gipoksena injection 7%
  • Gipoksena pills
  • Gistohrom
  • Karnozin amorphous
  • Carnosine solution 5%
  • Oxygen
  • Metilatilpiridinola hydrochloride
  • Mildronat
  • Mildronata injection 10%
  • Neoselen
  • Neoselen neutral
  • Olifen
  • Olifena injection 7%
  • Olifena tablets 0.5 g
  • Films eye with streptodekaza and emoksipinom
  • Poliauxifumarin
  • Prebrooktal
  • Preduktal
  • Preduktal 3-3.5
  • Trimetazidin-fpo
  • Friedoks
  • Erisod
  • Erisod (superoksiddismutaza)
  • Ehinohrom