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Regidratantnaya pharmacotherapies (rehydra, solutions containing sodium chloride, etc.) aims to correct abnormal loss of body fluids. External lost fluids and electrolytes may increase in pathological activation of natural processes (sweating, poliuria, diarrhoea), multiple feces, ekssoudace with extensive trauma and burn surfaces secretions through drainages and pregnancy, frequent moves laxatives funds. Regidratantne drugs not only recovered the lost fluid normalize vodno-elektrolitny balance, but also participate in the correction of KHS.


  • Carbomer 974p
  • Videsik
  • Wisitil
  • Gidrovit
  • Dakroluks
  • Drossa-nos
  • Lakoftal
  • Lacrisifi
  • Sodium citrate (dwuzameshchenny)
  • Oftagel
  • Tear cow
  • Damping drops