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Regulators vodno-elektrolitnogo balance and KHS

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The controller vodno-elektrolitnogo balance and acid-base equilibrium (KHS) are drugs (dimefosfon, potassium and magnesium asparaginat, sodium chloride, etc.) effect of which is to modify the content of the water, electrolytes (vodno-elektrolitny balance) and the concentration of hydrogen ions (mainly determining KHS). These basic factors homeostasis supported and regulated by the related respiratory, excretory and endocrine systems. Any even small changes in water or electrolytes (sodium, chlorine, gidrocarbonata, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.) can lead to serious, life-threatening consequences. Correction of KHS focused on the elimination of metabolic or respiratory azidoza or alkaloza. Treatment for these types of violations KHS requires careful diagnosis and by the introduction of intravenous 4,255.14 and the (missing) cations.


  • Dimephosphon
  • Potassium aspartate
  • Lithium citrate
  • Azesol
  • Azesol injection
  • Gastrolit
  • Gelofuzin
  • Glukosolan
  • Dimefosfon
  • Dimefosfon injection 1g
  • Dimefosfona solution 15%
  • Disol
  • Potassium d l-aspartat (racemic)
  • Potassium d l-gidroasparaginat
  • Potassium asparaginat
  • Quintasol
  • Laktasol
  • Lactosorbal
  • Sodium gidrozitrat (dwuzameshchenny)
  • Neogemodes
  • Regidrazionnaya rehydration salt (A58/4)
  • Orasan
  • Petrova pills
  • Plazma-lit 148 aqueous solution
  • Plazma-lit 148 with a 5% solution
  • Solution ringer lactate
  • Solution hartmana
  • Reamberin
  • Regidrare
  • Rehydra
  • Reosolan
  • Ringer soluschn
  • Ringera acetate
  • Ringera-azett
  • Sanasol
  • The complex solution of sodium lactate bieffe (solution ringer lactate)
  • An sodium lactate
  • Tata salin
  • Tibimas
  • Trisol
  • Trometmol compositum
  • Haes-steril
  • Hlosol
  • Hlosol injection
  • Zitraglukosolan