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The impeding education and to the dissolution of concrements

The group

The group merged drugs effective in jelchnokamenna and caused diseases.
A number of vegetable origin, in part, to the skin at jelche- and mochevforodaschie path. Therefore, these funds are othozdeniu concrements and very useful for the prevention treatment bile and renal colic, as it is and the "ordinary" means spazmoliticaskie (papaverin, spa, diprofen etc.). In spazmah mochetocnika or biliary ERCP involving pain, spazmolitiki appoint usually in combination with analgetikami (baralgin, promedol, etc.). Rasslablaut smooth muscle and facilitate releases concrements also antagonists calcium ions.
Depending on the nature of rocks formed using various drugs. Indeed, some derivatives deoksiholeva acid (ursodeauxiholower, henodeauxiholower) liziruut (unfortunately not always) holesterinove concrements (but only small). The uratnah stones in lohanke, mochetocnike, bladder down allopurinol (reduces production of uric acid), etamid (reduces its reabsorbqiyu in bone).
Other drugs (urodan, maghurlit, blemaren, etc.) moves urine pH in the alkaline side and prevent formation of crystals, increasing their solubility. Thus, maghurlit in cases of Severe acid reaction urine (pH less than 5.5) oschelacivaet its (mainly through zitratnykh ions), and inhibits the emergence of new oksalatnah and mixed uratooksalatnah concrements, dissolving existing ones. The Uralit appoint the rocks consisting of uratov for maintenance treatment with zistinovykh stones and zistinurii.


  • Etidronic acid
  • Blemaren
  • Ksidifon
  • Naphtusin
  • Pleostat
  • Solimok
  • Uralit from