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The influencing exchange uric acid

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Violation of uric acid is the cause of gout. Slow down or excess synthesis of uric acid from xantinov (purinov) leads to gieperriquemii, urikozurii and accompanied by the deposition of mikrochristallov uratov in joints, okolosustaveh tissues, in the urinary tract (uratne stones). To treat gout apply nenarcoticeskie analgesics - NPVS facilitating syndrome and inflammatory phenomenon. The specific activity of products that reduce the content of uric acid in the blood. Call gipouriquemiu (normouriquemiu) can be controlled in two ways : either reduce education uratov or intensify their excretion.
Gipouriquemicakie funds (allopurinol, benzbromaron etc.) inhibit xantinoxydazu and reduce uratov content in the body. In another mechanism are probenecid and sulfinpirazon. They blocked kanalzevu reabsorbqiyu uric acid in the kidneys and intensify its allocation.


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