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Neurotropic funds

The group

The neurotropic the drugs acting on peripheral and central nervous system. Among the first emit substances affecting afferentne sensitive nerve roots, generating and conducting proceedings from organs and tissues to the head and lumbar brain, and the means acting efferentnuu (centrobejnuu) impulsaciu, from the central to the organs and tissues. In the blink regulators innervation join depressive drugs (anaesthetics, binders, obwolakiwate, adsorbirute vehicles) and stimulating (annoying vehicle) type in the group that affect efferentnuu Medicines, Affecting vegetative nervous system (holino- and adrenergicakie) and the motor nerves skeletal muscles (including n-holinolitiki).
Preparations for the central nervous system, the abuse, narkoznami, diet means analgetikami, anticonwulsantami, analeptikami etc. foundation of much of neurotropic are due to their ability to modify the mezhneironalna transfer initiation. The thrust of effects make preparations oppressive and stimulating types, which, in turn, conditionally divided into common substances (such anaesthetic means) and selective (painkillers, anxiolitiki, �ротивопаркинсоничес��ие etc.) actions.