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Anxiolytic effects are mostly substances of trankvilizatoram. Applied them mainly with nervousness from mental stress and fear. Products of this group have not only anxiolytic effects, to varying degrees they have farmakodinamicakimi four properties : anksioliticski, hypnotic, miorelaksirutm and protivosudorojnam.
For tranquilizers particularly anxiolytic (antifobicescoe) and publeuspockerveschee effect. Hypnotizing effect is to facilitate the dream of enhancing pills, narcotic drugs and analgeziruth funds.
Miorelaksirutaya activity, the impact on the central nervous system, not flaccid (kurarepodobnam) act often is a positive factor in the use of tranquilizers (anxiety) for reducing tension, a sense of fear, excitement but it might also limit their use in patients whose work calls for a rapid, concentrated reaction (drivers, etc.).
In choosing anxiolitika for clinical application to take account of the differences in the spectrum of products. Some of them have all the characteristics of the properties of tranquilizers (eg, diazepam), the other a more anxiolytic effect with a relatively weak miorelaksiruuschem (medzepam), and they are more suitable for use in daylight hours ( "Day tranquilizers"). In high doses, all anxiolitiki may be all characteristic of this group of drugs pharmacological properties.
The building anxiolitiki belong to different classes of chemical compounds. The largest group of tranquilizers benzodiazepine derivatives (benzodiazepines); Anxyolitics to include derivatives propandiola (meprotan, etc.) difenilmetana (amizil etc.), representatives of some other chemical groups.
Mechanisms of anxiety have not yet been fully explored. They reduce anxiety subcortical areas of the brain (limbical system Diencephalon, dystonia), responsible for the emotional reactions prevent interaction of these structures overbark large brain hurt polisinapticalkie spinale though, causing the miorelaksaciu.
In neirohimicescom different aspect anxiolitiki vary in the features. Impact on norarenergicakie, dofaminergicakie, serotoninergicakie system was their relatively weak. However, benzodiazepines to affect Gamkergicescuu the brain. The CNS cells found specific receptors that bind produced, the so-called benzodiazepinove receptors (Bd-retseptora). The endogenous ligands Bd-retseptorov the large number of compounds : nitrogen, purin, nicotinamide, gipoksantin, beta-carbolina et al. but finally nature endogenous ligand Bd-retseptorov not yet been resolved. Believed that Bd-retseptora part of the complex IL1 Benzodiazepin-gamk-hlorionofor before neuronal membranes and involved in the regulation of nerve impulses.
Derivative benzodiazepines are widely used in medical practice. Expressed anksioliticski (protiwottrevojnam) by the fenazepam, sibazon (diazepam), nosepam (oxazepam), lorazepam, alprazolam. Седативно-гипнотичес��ий effect led to nitrazepama, alprazolama, flunitrazepama, triazolama and are used primarily as a sleep. There are some new sleep benzodiazepines (temazepam, kwazepam etc.). Protivosudorojnami properties clonazepam, and (to a lesser extent) fenazepam, sibazon, nitrazepam. Miorelaksirutaya activity on the part of lorazepama and to a greater or lesser extent, to other benzodiazepines. When muscle is contrakturah of tetrazepam.
Derivative difenilmetana (amizil etc.) influence on holinergicakie system of the brain, as a result of which they are known as central holinoblokatorami.


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