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See also Tianeptine

Roman name


Of drugs

Antidepressive, anxiolytic, reducing the pool, improved mood, mild propulsion delayed, the overall tone, good conduct (including alcoholic abstinence).


treating depression weak moderately to seriously.

Patient interaction

Koaksil not apply in combination with MAO inhibitors, which is in danger of collapse or sudden arterial hypertension, gipertermii, convulsing; It is also possible fatal outcome.


In all cases overdose should suspend treatment Koaksilom and closely monitor the patient (with the work of the heart and lungs, kidney function, metabolism). If necessary, rinse the stomach and the symptomatic treatment (particularly IVL, and the correction of the kidney and violations of metabolism).

Storage conditions

List B. The temperature is not above 30 ° C

Shelf life

3 years

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