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Stomach funds

The group

Gastrointestinal tract, the "openness" to the outside environment, diversity functions (trophic, exkrethornye), a large number of cavity-mouth, esophagus, stomach, small and large bowel, liver and jelchevforodaschie ways pancreases with its vneshnesecretorna activities, subject to the many polymorphic forms of diseases.
For treatment using drugs of different pharmacological groups, including the replacement, encourage or weaken secretornuu the digestive glands (bitterness, antatsida, jelchegonne, blockers gistaminovykh N_2-retseptorov, certain enzymes or their complexes, etc.), drugs that promote or impair motor activity smooth muscles digestive tube biliary and pancreatic ERCP (holinomimetiki, holinoblokatora direct spazmolitiki), vomited (with the poisoning) and protivorvotnye means antiulcer drugs (with izgyazwleniah stomach, bowel), antibiotics and other antibacterial drugs (with infectious lesions), gepatoprotectora etc.