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Inhibitors proton pump

The group

Regarding the group inhibit H ^ + K ^ + -atfazu (proton pump) at the apical membrane of cells parietalnah mucous membrane stomach. This enzyme Transfers hydrogen ions from parietalna cells in the stomach opening. High selectivity of inhibitors proton pump due to the fact that their policy is possible only when kislom of pH (<4). Once activated, they form a solid kovalentne the sulfgidrilnami groups 813rd amino acids (tistein) H ^ + K ^ + -atfaza and impeding final stage secreting hydrochloric acid. Suppression kislotoproduktion these drugs are not dependent on the receptors (N_2, M_3, etc.) for the basal membrane parietalnah cells. Inhibition proton pump omeprazolom, lanzoprazolom, pantoprazolom irreversibly, rabeprazolom partially reversible (the complex with H ^ + 866 + ^ -atfaza can dissociirovati). Inhibitors proton pump dozozawisimo suppress the secretion of hydrochloric acid, as basal (night and day) and stimulirovannuyu (regardless of the type of incentive). An increasing warn secreta after meals. Cancel drug is not accompanied by the phenomenon of ricocheta and kislotoproduccia restored for a few days (after the synthesis of new molecules H ^ + K ^ + -atfaza). Inhibitors H ^ + K ^ + -atfaza achieve клинико-эндоскопичес��ой remission in all kislotozawisimah diseases, including requiring extended or permanent therapy. They maintain pH in the stomach up to the limits conducive to healing stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer long time during the day. With treatment there has been a rapid improvement in fitness (disappears syndrome and diarrhoea events), the normalization of morfofunktionalnogo mucous membrane stomach, shorten rubtsevania chronic ulcers. Application to gastroezofagealna refluxna disease reduces the exposure of hydrochloric acid in gastric, reduce damage nature of the contents of the stomach. The oppression vnutrijeludocna secreta (pH over 4.0), reaching 12 hours, allows healing erosivnogo ezofaguita for 8 weeks. Drugs are effective in refrakternosti to medication N_2-blokatorami. They increase the concentration of antimicrobial in mucosal lining of stomach and supporting higher pH, increase the activity of antibiotics. This creates optimal conditions for the effects of antibacterial components of the scheme eradikatini antihelikobakterna therapy (triple or kwadrotherapia). Inhibitors H ^ + K ^ + -atfaza possess and own antihelikobakterian effect (in vivo suppress growth Nelicobacter pylory, acting on the Atfaza bacteria). The inhibitors H ^ + K ^ + -atfaza in eradikatinuyu combination therapy is recommended ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers, associated with H. pylori during exacerbation and remission, pepticescoy bleeding ulcer, helikobakternom gastrite with pronounced changes in mucous membrane stomach, stomach maltomah low zlokacestvennosti after endoscopic removal of stomach cancer. Inhibitors H ^ + K ^ + -atfaza affect results diagnosing infections H. pylori biochemical methods. The Urease tests to verify the completeness stomach H. pylori may be held no earlier than four weeks after the end of the reception. Inhibitors proton pump prevent damage to the mucous membrane of stomach and duodenal ulcers NPVS, reduce the frequency of repeated gastrointestinal hemorrhage (complication ulcers), especially when the treatment was eradikation H. pylori. In chronic pankreatite contribute to the effective kupirovaniu controlling pain by dominating the glands and reducing интрапанкреатическог о pressure. The inhibitors proton pump can be gipergastrynemiei and sea level pepsinoguena I in serum (smaller stomach after H. pylori). After 2-3 weeks after the end of treatment, the gastrina in whey returned to the original. To reduce symptoms gipergastrynemii inhibitors H ^ + K ^ + -atfaza be combined with synthetic analogues NG (mg) or pirenzepinom. Inhibitors H ^ + K ^ + -atfaza mgut lowering motorno-evaquatornuu the stomach by gipomotilinemii. With long-term use should take into account the possibility of atrophy mucous membrane stomach campilobakternogo gastroenteritis, excessive reproduction and colonization nehelikobakternah bacteria in the mucosal lining of stomach and small bowel and violations of dynamic equilibrium microflora large bowel.


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