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Jelchegonne means and preparations bile

The group

Jelchegonne means divided into two groups : Taking education bile (and biliary acids), and to re-release from the gall bladder in the intestine.
The first group (Choleretica, Cholesecretisa) are preparations containing jelchne acid and elixirs (allohol, liobil, holenzim, etc.) a number of vegetable origin (bessmertnika flowers, corn stigma, flakumin, conwaflavin, berberin, etc.), as well as some of the synthetic drugs (oksafenamid, nikodin, zikvalon etc.).
The action was holeretikov reflexami with mucous membrane disease (especially in the application of preparations containing elixirs, jelchne acid, essential oils), as well as its impact on exosecretia liver. They increase the number of secretiruema kidney and the content of holatov increase osmoticeski gradient between jelchew and blood, increasing filtering in jelchne capillaries water and electrolytes are accelerating current gall bile on waterways reduce the fallout in the sludge cholesterol, ie warn education biliary stones reinforce perevarivatuyu and motor activity thin intestines.
Preparations to make bile (Cholagoga or Cholekinetica) may act or stimulating reduce gallbladder (holekinetiki), or reduce its tone, biliary tract and pouches Oddi (holespazmolitiki). The first option is the effect of magnesium sulfate, berberina and some other products, in the second, different spazmoliticakih funds (papaverin, spa, olimetin etc.), holinolitikov nitrate, eufillina et al.
Most choleretic funds at the same time increase the secretion of bile, and facilitate its entry into intestine; Some of the preparations have moderate противовоспалительно й (zikvalon), and antibacterial (nikodin) activity.
Some of the deoksiholeva acid, in particular ursodeauxiholower, isomeric henodeauxiholower can not only prevent the formation of gall bladder stones holesterinovykh, and the dissolving. These acids lower cholesterol in bile slightly increase biliary acids. They appointed a holelitoliticakih, there is a stone holesterinovykh small size as a complement to surgery or how udarnovolnovomu treatment holelitiaza.


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