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Laxatives funds

The group

The group merged preparations to urinating. The mechanism of their divided into three groups :
a) of chemical receptors irritation of mucous membrane disease (antraglikozida-rhubarb root, bark krushin, fruits joster, senna leaves, sabura); castorovoe oil; fenolftalein, izafenin, etc.;
b) mechanically (by extension) receptors irritating mucous membrane disease (laxatives salts, such as sodium sulphate, magnesium sulphate, karlovarska salt, etc.); Maritime cabbage, linseed, algae, lactouloza, etc.;
c) to razmagcheniu faecal masses to facilitate their promotion kishechniku (vaseline, almond, olive and other vegetable oils, spazmolitiki, with spastic constipation, etc.).
Most laxatives means delaying absorption of water and electrolytes in thin and thick intestine. The mechanism of their actions play a role impact on the transport of calcium ions in the bowel wall, and the catalytic effect on the biosynthesis prostaglandines (PGE_1).
There preparations increased mainly motoriku large bowel-antraglikozida, fenolftalein, izafenin, bisakodil and other synthetic drugs; small bowel-castorovoe, olive, almond, vaseline, and other oils, as well as all the divisions - salt laxatives.
Stoel close to a normal, a kafiol, laminarid, serum, magnesite jjenaya, vaseline oil, etc. kashizeobrazny or liquid-chair drugs rhubarb, krushin, plums, tea slabitelny, fenolftalein, izafenin, bisakodil, oil castorovoe et al. irritative strong with a liquid-chair salt laxatives.
Poslablate and laxatives to apply for treatment of acute and chronic constipation. Saline laxatives in chronic constipation is not appointed, are used to treat acute constipation and in the cases when rapid emptying of the bowel (eg, food intoksikatziah). Protivopokazana they intestinal obstruction, acute syndrome abdomen, appendizite and other inflammatory processes in the abdomen, acute fever states, not recommended, with the BSE neurogennogo and endocrine genesis, should not impose long-term, in order to avoid the serious violations of the bowel (development diarrhoea with metabolic disorders, dehydration, reduction of intestinal enzymes atony thick intestines, etc.). In spastic constipation spazmolitiki required.


  • Bisacodyl
  • Docusate sodium
  • Magnesium halroxide
  • Oxyphenisatine
  • Phenolphthalein
  • Sennosides a & b
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Lithium picosulfate
  • Agiolax
  • Apo-bisakodil
  • Barbara-natural salt
  • Bekunis Bean
  • Bekunis easy
  • Bisadil
  • Bisakodil, glaxo wellcome poznan S.
  • Bisakodil-akri
  • Bisakodil-altfarm
  • Bisakodil-nijfarm
  • Bisakodil-ratiofarm
  • Bisakodil-fpo
  • Bisakodila pill (dissolved in the gut) 0.005 g
  • Vaseline oil
  • M80 oil bgm-30m
  • Vikalin
  • Vikram
  • Raspberry syrup
  • Garmala mild grass
  • Glucksenna
  • Guttalaks
  • Depurafluks
  • Doctor taiss new piece
  • Dulkolaks
  • Gastric collection n 3
  • Joster slabitelnogo fruit
  • Izaman
  • Izafenin
  • Izafenina pills 0.01g
  • Ix-prep
  • Kalifig
  • Famous artificial salt
  • Castor
  • Castor capsules
  • Kafiol
  • Cruzin bark
  • Cruzin syrup
  • Cruzin extract liquid
  • Cruzin dry extract
  • Cruzin extract tablets covered with skin, 0.2 grams
  • Lavage
  • Lakonos American roots fresh infusion
  • Lacsakodil
  • Laksbene
  • Laksigal
  • Lacsomag
  • Laksofin
  • Laminarid
  • Laminarida granules
  • Mamoklam
  • Mil-par
  • Milk of Magnesium
  • Dex wild fruit
  • Morshinskaya slabitelnaya salt
  • Musinum
  • Sodium picosulfat
  • Sodium sulphate
  • Sodium phosphate (dwuzameshchenny)
  • Sodium tartrat (senietov salt)
  • Naturolaks
  • Picosulfat-akos
  • Противогеморроидальн ый Collection
  • Pursennid
  • Ramnil
  • Ramnila pills 0.05g
  • Revenny syrup
  • Rhubarb root
  • Rhubarb pills
  • Rhubarb extract dry
  • Regulaks
  • Regulaks picosulfat drops
  • Candles of glycerine
  • Senade
  • Senadeks
  • Senadeksin-n.s.
  • Senales
  • Sennalax
  • Sennozid-teva
  • Senna sheet (oksusucha page) rezano-pressovanny
  • Senna leaf RDX
  • Senna leaves
  • Senna fruit (oksusucha)
  • Senna extract dry
  • Senna dry extract tablets 0.3 g
  • Slabilen
  • Slabitelnaya medicine dry-galenofarm
  • Slabitelny collection n 1
  • Slabitelny Tea n 2
  • Stadalaks
  • Stalnika root
  • Stalnika customization
  • Suppositories of glycerine
  • Tissen
  • Tranzipeg
  • Feiberform
  • Fenolftalein
  • Fenolftaleina pills
  • Forlaks
  • Fortrans
  • Senna extract dry