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Funds normalizute micro bowel

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Normalizute micro bowel preparations (baktisubtil, bifikol dry, dry bifiliz "VIGEL", etc.) prevent reproduction, or a loss of pathogens and conditional pathogens (disease dysentery, typhoid, salmonella, pathogenic coliforms, streptococcal staphylococcus, Protea, etc.). Along with the normal microflora, some of them (biomass azidofilnykh lactobakteri "Narine," baktisubtil, etc.) better understanding of iron, calcium and other trace elements, the better the level of hemoglobin, stimulate metabolic processes, increase resistance to infection and other hazards an immunomodulatory activity. These drugs are widely used for disbacteriozah, bowel dysfunction, kolitah, acute and chronic diarrhea (especially in children), in the treatment of allergic diseases, as well as losses in skin and mucous membranes of different genesis (Local).


  • Bakteriofag surplus liquid
  • Bakteriofag koliproteiny liquid
  • Bakteriofag proteiny liquid
  • Baktisporin
  • Baktisubtil
  • Biobacton dry
  • Biomass azidofilnykh lactobakteri dry
  • Biomass bifidobakteri dry
  • Biosporin dry
  • Bifidobacteria Dry
  • Bifidumbacterin
  • Bifidumbacterin capsules
  • Bifidumbacterin powder
  • Bifidumbacterin tablets
  • Bifidumbacterin dry
  • Bifidumbacterin dry in the candlelight
  • Fort Bifidumbacterin
  • Bifikol dry
  • Bifiliz dry (vigel)
  • Bifiform
  • Bifovir powder
  • Dia-bioflor
  • Kolibakterin dry
  • Kolifag (bakteriofag surplus liquid)
  • Laifpak probiotik +
  • Lactobacteria acid dry
  • Lactobacterin
  • Lactobacterin powder
  • Lactobacterin dry
  • Linex
  • Liobifidum dry
  • Normoflor
  • Probifor
  • Protheofag (bakteriofag proteiny liquid)
  • Sporobacterin
  • Floniwin ww
  • Fort Hilak
  • Entegnin