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Amphetamine eye syndrome, including vomited

The group

By means of raising motoriku syndrome are mainly m-holinomimetiki and antiholinesteraznae substance (carbaholin, aceklidin, proserin etc.).
Prokineticski by means of influencing dofaminove and serotoninove receptors of intestinal wall (cizaprid). Regulatory effect on the blood motoriku to drugs affecting enkefalinove receptors syndrome (trimebutin).
Stimulating effect on the motor activity of the bowel are also some laxatives facility (see Laxatives means). It should take into account the negative impact of increased peristalsis of pregnancy and the ability antraglikozidov enter milk nursing mothers. Vomiting for the release of stomach hit the irritating and toxic substances. The stimulation is one of the ways to combat the illness. Initiation of the vomitoxin is gumoralnam directly to the relevant compounds (medicinal or toxic) reflectorian (with a nervous stomach-some of the oral cavity, stomach) or impulsaciei to launch (trigger) the oblong brain.
Central to the morphine and other narcotic analgesics, antineoplastic drugs apomorfin, only last used in the clinic for a quick removal of stomach toxic substances or adulterated foods especially when it can not be washed. Biographies of vomiting substances irritating skin mucous membrane stomach (sulphates zinc, copper, etc.).


  • Cisapride
  • Neostigmine methylsulfate
  • Pyridostigmine bromide
  • Concentrated direct cornevishche and roots
  • Kalimin 60 n
  • Fort Kalimin
  • Coordinaks
  • Likopodi
  • Likopodia customization
  • Mestinon
  • Peristil
  • Proserin
  • Proserina granules for children
  • Proserina injection 0.05%
  • Proserina pills 0.015 g