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Vetrogonne funds

The group

In meteorism (especially for the elderly and senile age) often use what are known as vetrogonne funds (infusions of chamomile flowers, fruit Thyme, dill seed, peppermint leaves pepper and other herbs). These tools are linked with moderate stimulation eye ulcers and light sedative effect on the ability sfinkterov.


  • Dimeticone
  • Simethicone
  • Gascon record
  • Disflatil
  • Meteospazmil
  • Pankreoflat
  • Pepfiz
  • Polisilan gel
  • Sab infection
  • Simikol
  • Thyme fruit
  • Dill pahuchego fruit
  • Zeolat
  • Cherry nasigel
  • Espumizan