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Protivokashleve funds

The group

Cough is the consequence of an reflex kashlevogo centre, and is a reflection of the protective mechanism that prevents irritate respiratory tract. There are two types of cough : productive and unproductive. Cough productive (helpful), and suppressed, it should not be if it is accompanied by secret ekssoudata, transsoudata and released from the external environment inhaled agents. In all other cases, it is unproductive. In unproductive cough apply protivokashleve funds. They divide into two groups : drugs with peripheral target for the actions preparations central action.
When coughing due to throat irritation, using drugs in the form of syrups and milk (young children, in the form of sticks for sucking) have mitigating effects. When coughing caused by irritation of the trachea and lower respiratory tract using inhalation aerosol of water and heat (wraps).
As protivokashlevykh drugs of the central used morfinopodobne compounds (codeine, folcodin, cough, etc.), substance different structure of opioids (prenoxdiazin etc.).


  • Acetylaminonitropropoxybenzene
  • Benproperine
  • Butamirate
  • Codeine
  • Dextromethorphan
  • Dimenoxadol
  • Ethylmorphine
  • Glaucine
  • Levodropropizine
  • Oxeladin
  • Pentoxyverine
  • Prenoxdiazine
  • Tipepidine
  • Alex plus
  • Bitiodin
  • Bitiodina tablets covered liner 0.01g
  • Bronhitusen vramed
  • Bronhoton
  • Bronhoqin
  • Glauvent
  • Glaucyna gidrobromid
  • Glaucyna hydrochloride
  • Glaucyna hydrochloride tablets, coated liner 0.05g
  • Grippostad Good Nite
  • Children's taylenol for common cold
  • Intussin
  • Codeine phosphate
  • Kodipront
  • Levopront
  • Libeksin
  • Herbion
  • Muv
  • Mulsinex
  • Neo-kodion
  • Neo-kodion for adults
  • Neo-kodion for children
  • Pakseladin
  • Panatus
  • Fort Panatus
  • Parakodamol
  • Pectipront
  • Sedotoussin
  • Sinekod
  • Taylenol for common cold
  • Tetralgin
  • Toussamag with kodeinom
  • Tusuprex
  • Falimint
  • Faringomed
  • Fervex of dry cough
  • Cherikof
  • Estoqin
  • Estuoqing pills
  • Etilmorfina hydrochloride (epilepsy)
  • Etilmorfina hydrochloride tablets