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See also Acetylcysteine

Roman name


The composition and the form of

1 effervescent tablet contains azetiltsisteina 100, 200 or 600 mg, and auxiliary substances (sodium hydrogen, lemon acid obezvojennaya, sodium carbonate Dewatered, sodium sulfate Dewatered, sodium ziklamat Dewatered, sodium Saccharine, povidon, aroma of red orange emulsion silicone protivopennaya, macrogol); plastic tuba to 10 or 20 pc. , in a cardboard bundle one or two tubes.


Round tablets from white to colour jelto-belogo with low sulphur smell.


Rapidly absorbed, bioavailability around 10% (because of the high effect of a "through the liver-dezazetilirovanie education zisteina). C_max plasma achieved after 1-3 h after oral reception, tying the plasma protein-50%. Penetrates through the placental barrier, built in okoloplodna liquid. T_1/2 to one hour with cirrhosis of the liver increased to a maximum of 8 hours Write mainly kidneys in the form of inactive metabolites (inorganic sulphates diazetiltsistein), a small portion of an unchanged to intestinal.


Mukoliticescoe effect persists with purulent sputum. The drug has no effect on the immune организма.Антиоксида��тное the result of Sh-group, killer elektrofile oxidation toxins. Protects alfa_1-antitripsin (elastaza inhibitor) of the impact inaguirutego hlornovatista acid-oxide produced mieloperoxydasa active phagocytes. Entered into cells acetylcysteine dezazetiliruetsa, freeing L-biochemistry necessary for the synthesis of metabolism (antiauxidannetary important factor cellular protection, with a detoxifying effect).


Violation othozdenia patients (bronchitis, tracheitis, bronhiolit, pneumonia, bronhoektatical disease, cystic fibrosis, lung abscess, emphysema lungs, laringotraheit, bronchial asthma, lung atelectasis (due to blockage bronchial mucosa cap); Kataralny meningitis and otitis, nasal, sinusit (debt othozdenia secret); Remove tough secret of the respiratory tract in the post-and post-conditions.

Pregnancy and lactation

Perhaps if the effect of therapy outweighs the potential risk to the fetus and infant.


Hypersensitivity to components Preparata.s caution, saying the disease stomach and duodenal ulcer (in the phase of deterioration), varicose veins oesophagus, krovoharkanye, lung hemorrhage, phenylketonuria, bronchial asthma, napochechnikov disease, liver and / or kidney failure.

Specific guidance

Using in patients with bronchial asthma need to drainage rates. Between admission azetiltsisteina and antibiotics should observe a break of at least 2 hours In contact with metals, rubber sulphides occur with a characteristic Zapahom.nalichie the drug sulphur smell is not an indicator недоброкачественност и product (a characteristic smell active ingredient).

Patient interaction

Farmatsevticeski incompatible with antibiotics (penitsillinami, cholesterol, eritromitinom, tetracycline and amfoteritinom B), proteoliticakimi enzymes. Decreases induction penitsillinov, zefalosporinov, tetracycline (interval between meals must be at least two hours). Together with the appointment of a bronholitikami synergies action, protivokashlevami means, the suppression kashlevogo reflex (under stagnant mucus, so these combinations should be compiled with caution), nitroglitzerinom increased sosudorasshiratego effect nitroglycerin (even by brief drug intake).

Storage conditions

In the dark water and ground at a temperature of 15-25 ° C

Shelf life

3 years

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