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See also Bromhexine

Roman name


The composition and the form of

1 tablet contains bromgexina hydrochloride 8 mg; blistere in 10 pcs. , in a cardboard box two blister.1 USD 2 ml solution for injection-4 mg; in plastics blistere 5 pcs. , in box 1 blister.1 ml reception inside-2 mg; Patients in the dark glass of 60 ml, in a carton one bottle complete with thick stakanchikom.

Of drugs

Mukoliticescoe, skin, protivokashlevoe. Depolimerizuet mukoproteinove and mukopolisaharidnye polymer molecules (mukoliticeski effect).


Drawn almost entirely. Associated with the plasma protein by 99%. The distribution is approximately 7 l / kg Penetrates the GEB and placental barrier, as well as in breast milk. T_1/2 from 1 to 16 hours Report only urine in the form of metabolites.


Acute and chronic diseases bronchus and lung violation othozdenia patients (traheobronhit, chronic bronchitis, various forms of chronic obstructive lung diseases, pneumoconiosis, bronchiectasic). Bronhografia (to facilitate otkashlivania foreign substances added vnutribronhialno for diagnostic purposes).


Гиперчувствительност ь.


Passing nausea.


Be wary appoint ulcer stomach. Inhalation child 2775d ren were available only in a hospital under the supervision of a physician. Designed inhalation solution is mixed with an equal volume of distilled water; To prevent possible kashlevogo reflex during inhalation of patients sensitive to the use of appropriate solution heated to a temperature of the body.

Dosing and Administration

Pill solution for the reception inside. Inside, before or after a meal. Adults - to 8 mg three times a day. Children under two years of age-to 4 mg three times a day, 2-6 years, and 4 mg three times daily, 6-14 years to 8 mg three times a day. Maximum daily intake - 48 Mg.rastvor injection. In severe cases, as well as for the prevention of post-operative complications, c / to, in the / m or / (in / in the injection should be done within 2-3 min) and 2 ml (1 USD) 2-3 times a day. For Infusion drug dealers solution periods.

Storage conditions

r-r d / in. : List B. In the dark place at a temperature of 15-25 ° C. Relative humidity max. 75%. r-r reception inside : In the dark place at a temperature of 15-25 ° C. Relative humidity max. 75%. table. : In the dark place at a temperature of 15-25 ° C. Relative humidity max. 75%.

Shelf life

r-r d / in. : 5 letr-r reception inside : 5 lettabl. : 5 years

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