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Bronhikum sugar from cough

See also oil Abbas

Roman name

Bronchicum husten-pastillen

The composition and the form of

1 pastilka contains liquid extract tops 100 mg; blistere in 10 pcs. , in a cardboard box two blisters.


Cough with bronchitis and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract, the difficulty patients.


Гиперчувствительност ь.


There is a need to take into account that one pastilka with 0.07 Yoo (for the diabetes).

Dosing and Administration

Subilgvalno (under the tongue) several times a day for 1-2 sugar.

Storage conditions

The cool and dry, the dark spot.

Shelf life

3 years

The registration


Of drugs

Rare, mukoliticescoe (razzyzauschee sputum), protivokashlevoe, protivospalitionoe resort.

Indications for use

Lower and upper respiratory illness, the difficulty patients, cough.

Form of

Pastilles in a package of 20. 1 pastilka contains liquid extract tops 100 mg.

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