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Doctor nine sugar plant of cough

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Roman name

Doktor of IOM # herbal cough lozenges

The composition and the form of

20 g ointments contain oregano 0.61 g glossy 1.05 g slide 0.02 g turpentine oil 1.11 ml, eucalyptus oil 0.3 ml oil nutmeg 0.11 ml; in cans to 20 grams in a box banocka.10 1 ml syrup containing extract Ocimum sanctum (holy basil) 0.1 g Glycyrrhiza popovii (bare root) 0.06 g, Curcuma longa (turmeric long) 0.05 g, Zingiber officinale (ginger present) 0.01g, Adhatoda vasika (adhatody vasiki) 0.06 g, Solanum indicum (fragrance Indian) 0.02 g Night racemosa (devasila) 0.02 g Piper cubeba (pepper kubeba) 0.01g, Terminalia belerica (terminalia belerica) 0.02 g Aloe barbadensis (aloe Barbados) 0.05 g oregano and 0.006 g; Patients in the dark glass of 100 ml, in a Box 1 flakon.1 pastilka contains dry Glycyrrhiza extract popovii 0.015 g dry extract of Zingiber officinale 0.01 g dry extract of Emblica officinalis 0.1 g oregano and 0.07 g; in a contour bezgyachakova package 4 pcs. , in box 5 upakovok.1 glass roller pencil from 10 ml exterior contains eucalyptus oil for May. % oregano 15 on. % appearance on the 15. % metilsalicilata 25 on. %; in a Box 1 pencil.

Of drugs

Mestnorazdrajatee, distracting, antiinflammatory, soothing.


Ointment - ARI, pain (headache, sore throat, muscle, in the back). Syrup, sugar and acid-acute and chronic respiratory illnesses, asthma associated with the difficult separated mocrotoi (ARI, pharyngitis, laringit, including President's professional, tracheitis, bronchitis, including bronchitis smoker), pneumonia (in combination therapy), the mechanical irritation of mucous membrane upper respiratory tract.


Hypersensitivity, skin diseases (for dressing).


Allergic reactions.

Dosing and Administration

Ointment-Local cause for the intact skin wings of the nose, the temple, neck, chest, back, etc. cover and warm-Povazka.sirop adults and children over 14 years of age by 1-2 c.logki three times a day, children 3-5 years to 1 / 2 c.logki, 6 -14 years c.lojke 1/2-1 3 times a Sutki.pastilki (adults only) slowly rassasarve by piece. every 2 hours Maximum daily intake - 10 Pastilok.rastvor-Local and rinite and mortgage nose to be intact skin wings and nose back and make a few deep breaths; With a headache, skin lesions and forehead.

Storage conditions

sugar : In a dry place at room temperature

Shelf life

sugar : 5 years

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