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Evkabal with

See also oil Abbas

Roman name

Eucabal # S

The composition and the form of

100 g emulsions, exterior or inhalation contain eucalyptus oil 10g butter and pine needles 3 g; in the box on 40 and 100 ml, in the box one dose; or in the box of 40 ml, complete with ingalatorom in one box set.

Of drugs

Expectorant. Sit and dissolves bronhialny secret increases transportation secret mercationam Orpaz. Decreases viscosity rate improves function mertzatelnogo cancer and drainage. This combination of oils provide direct and microbs противовоспалительны й effect.


Infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract (laringit, pharyngitis, rhinitis), bronchitis; Irritation of the upper respiratory tract of different etiology.


Heavy illness accompanied by fever, infections, heart failure, hypertension, major damage skin, severe skin diseases.


Baths (regardless of the addition of a bath product), it is recommended to take only after consultation with the doctor. Avoid contact with eyes. After the bath Evkabalom should not take a shower or rastiratsa towel.

Dosing and Administration

External. Scrub bar products up 3-5 cm wound to the chest and the back (mejlopatocnaya area), several times a Deny.ingaltin. The homemade steam inhalation drug bar length 5 cm molten 2-3 l Voda.vanna hot. The homemade bath water temperature 36-37 ° C add drug bar length 10 cm and distribute evenly in the water, the duration of the bath is 15-20 min. Take a bath can be added to rastiraniu and inhalation.

Storage conditions

emuls.naruzhn. and d / ingal. : When temperature is not above 25 ° C

Shelf life

emuls.naruzhn. and d / ingal. : 3 and

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