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See also Carbocisteine lysine salt

Roman name

Fluifort #

The composition and the form of

1 bottle with 100 ml of the syrup carbozisteina lizinova salt 9 g; in a Box 1 pc. complete with thick stakanchikom.1 package with 5 g of granulated 2.7 g; in a box 10 pcs.

Of drugs

Mukoliticescoe, soothing. Mukoregulirutee. Secretornuu normalizes the ferruginous cells respiratory tract : restores physiological ratio sialomuzinov and fukomuzinov; Normalizes the flow parameters secret (viscosity and elasticity), regardless of the source pathological condition; Mukotiliarnyi accelerates transport; Facilitates recovery of damaged mertzatelnogo cancer.


Acute and chronic respiratory disease and Lor-organov violating secreta (bronchitis, tracheitis, bronhoektaza, rhinitis, sinusit average otitis), pneumonia.

Pregnancy and lactation

Not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy, at the time of treatment ceased breastfeeding.


Hypersensitivity, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, phenylketonuria (because of aspartama as podslaputy in granulate).


Digestive disorders (gastritis, nausea, diarrhoea); Dizziness, weakness, malaise; Skin rash (rare).

Specific guidance

PET can ill diabetics.

Patient interaction

Increases efficiency antimicrobial therapy (an antibiotic concentration secret tissues and the respiratory tract 20%).

Dosing and Administration

Syrup : inwards dosage for the DRE graduated glass. Adults and children from 12 years to 15 ml 2-3 times a day, children 1-5 years - 2.5 ml 2-3 times a day, more than five years old, 5 ml 2-3 times per day, the severe pathology, 5-7 days, and chronic otite - 15-30 Dnei.granulat : inwards 1 content paketika dissolve in the glass of water and mixed well. Adults and children of 12 years, the contents of one paketika a day in acute pathology 4-6 days, the chronic-up to 6 months (depending on the condition of the patient).

Shelf life

gran.doz. : 3 g.sirop : 2 grams.

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