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See also Ammonium glycyrrhizinate

Roman name


The composition and the form of

Root mean

Of drugs

Provides moderate противовоспалительно е in respect of a certain incentive effects on napochechnikov crust, as well as the weak otharkiwati effect.

Indications for use

Assign the light forms of asthma, allergic Dyadinamik (nerve skin), including dermatozah (skin disease) in children. It may be used to reduce the phenomenon of the "separation reception глюкокортикостероидо в.

Dosing and Administration

Adults are within 30 minutes before eating to 0.05-0.1 g (1-2 tablets) 2-4 times puts; In the more severe cases, to 0.1 g 3-6 times a day. Children glitzeram be in the form of granules. The drug can be given to children in the form of tablets 0/4-1/2-1 pill to receive, depending on age). Duration of treatment gliciram strictly individual. The course of treatment can vary from a few days to several months.

Form of

Answers to 0.05g in a package of 50 pieces; Granules in glass jars or in a single package from the nose to 1.3 g.

Storage conditions

List B. In the dark spot.

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