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Once inside Dextromethorphan fully absorbed in the digestive tract, is metabolized in the liver. S_max in plasma achieved in 2 hours Until 45% dekstrometorfana may appear to Mochoe.terpingidrat rapidly absorbed from the intestine after taking inside. The drug circulates in the blood in an unmodified form, and presented through the respiratory tract, with the urine and then, which he attaches specific smell. Part of the preparation is in the body stability, and presented with urine in the form of phenols with glukuronova acid.


Acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory system, causing dry irritating cough.

Pregnancy and lactation

The drug is contraindicated for pregnant and kromasim women.


Hypersensitivity part of a drug; Bronchial asthma; Pregnancy, the birth, the children's age (up to one year). Be wary violations of the liver.


Drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, itching, urticaria.

Specific guidance

Persons applying product should refrain from driving a car, operating machinery and other hazardous activities.

Patient interaction

Synergism with protivokashlevami narcotic drugs and other property, oppressive central nervous system. Nor is the possibility of interaction with dekstrometorfana MAO inhibitors, and in patients taking MAO inhibitors, Glikodin cough be deleted.


Symptoms : initiation, dizziness, respiratory depression, a decline AD tachycardia, diarrhoea Rasstroistva.lechenie : IVL, symptomatic Lechenie.imeetsa specific antidote, naloxone, which can be used in an overdose of 100 or more.

Storage conditions

In cool, the dark spot

Shelf life

3 years

The registration


The drug forms

Brown liquid without any foreign particles with a characteristic taste and smell.

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