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See also Terpin hydrate

Roman name

Terpinum halratum

The composition and the form of

Clear transparent crystals or white crystalline powder and odourless, slabogorki taste. It is soluble in water and alcohol

Of drugs

Skin condition.

Storage conditions

subst.christ. : In hermetically sealed package

Indications for use

As a means of soothing (with chronic bronchitis).

Dosing and Administration

Assign inside their own and in combination with other drugs to adults, 0.25 g children under 1 year of 0,025-0,05 g to 2 years -0.05 g, 3-4 years, 0.13 g 5-6 years - 0 .15 g, 7-9 years - 0.2 g, 10-14 years - 0 ,25-0,3 City



Form of

Powder and the pill (for the 0.25 and 0.5 g; Combined regimen with sodium hydrogen.

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