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Amphetamine breathing

The group

The group unites medicines called analeptikami. They are central nervous system stimulants that affect the respiratory center. Their therapeutic dose is close to sudorojnam, which severely restricts the application.
Analeptiki used for cupping ostrorazvivateisa respiratory failure for the following reasons : a) worsening of chronic lung diseases with gipercapniei, sonlivostew, loss of ability otkashlatsa (temporary measure to avoid excessive trachea and buy time for chemotherapy infection), b) respiratory depression, by high concentrations of oxygen in patients with chronic lung disease, c) stops breathing in premature newborns.
Avoid destination analeptikov epilepsy patients, as they increased the risk of convulsing, with coronary heart disease or hypertension. Analeptiki not recommended if gipoksemia not accompanied by gipercapniei with neurological diseases and disorders of the muscle and overdose of drugs.
Volatile substance with irritant effects (eg nashatarnyi alcohol), with an inhalation analeptikov properties and are used in the obmorokah.


  • Almitrine
  • Ammonia
  • Bemegride
  • Etimizol
  • Lobeline
  • Nikethamide
  • Securinine
  • Bemegrid
  • Lysergic acid, nicotinic
  • Lysergic nicotinic acid
  • Camphor injection in the oil 20%
  • Camphor injection in olive oil 20%
  • Kordiamin
  • Kordiamin injection
  • Kordiamin-rusfar
  • Kordimid
  • Lobelina hydrochloride
  • Lobelina hydrochloride solution 1%
  • Lobelina hydrochloride solution 1% Injection
  • Lobesil
  • Nicetamid
  • Sekurinegi shoots
  • Sekurinina nitrate
  • Sekurinina nitrate solution 0.2% in 182,000,000
  • Sekurinina nitrate solution 0.4%
  • Sekurinina nitrate tablets 0.002 g
  • Sulfokamfokain for injection 10%
  • Chilibuhi customization
  • Chilibuhi seed
  • Chilibuhi dry extract
  • Etimizol
  • Etimizola solution 1.5% in 182,000,000
  • Etimizola tablets 0.1 g