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In 1959, it was found The main factor patogeneticski respiratory distress-sindroma (S) in newborns is a shortage of light surfaktanta (translated from Arabic-poverhnostnoaguoe substance). Lung surfaktant synthesized and pnevmotsytami out. It is a complex set of proteins, cures, polysaccharides. Physiological role surfaktanta is preventing spadeniu alveol because it supports normal surface tension on the boundary of phases : vozduh-alveola. Insufficient surfaktanta products (such as underdeveloped lungs of premature births) develops atelectasis (S).
The exogenous Vice surfaktanta include : natural surfaktanta, derived from human amniotic fluid aspirirovanna during caesarean sections in donoshenna pregnancy surfaktanta, from the crushed light calves and piglets - kurosurf, automotive mixture regrind light calves with surfaktantnam fosfolipidom caulfosterila palmitatom and fully synthetic surfaktantne preparations containing mixture caulfosterila palmitate, dispersed and emulgiruth substances exosurf.
Man surfaktant not widely clinical application, as for the treatment of only one child to the amniotic fluid obtained from about 10 caesarean section. Moreover, it is not eliminated the risk of viral infections (cytomegalovirus, HIV, herpes).
Promising to non-protein synthetic surfaktanta, the necessary physical properties (the ability to create the necessary surface tension on the boundary of phases), and safety, some of which have already been clinical application in the treatment of vision in newborns.


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