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The group

This group includes many sossoudorasshirate funds. Most compounds described in other sections, in accordance with its mechanism of action : Central альфа_2-адреномиметич��ское (see Alfa-adrainomimetiki) ganglioblokirtee (see N-holinolitiki (ganglioblokatora)), simpatoliticescoe (see Simpatolitiki) �льфа_1-адренолитическ ое (see Alfa-adrenoblokatora), the blockade angiotenzinovykh At_1-retseptorov and enzyme inhibition (see Antagonista receptors angiotenzina II (At_1-podtip) and ACE inhibitors) �ростациклиноподобно�� (see Prostaglandin, tromboksana, lakotriena and their antagonists), etc.
Among miotroponah vazodilatatorov are spazmoliticakih several substances, including papaverin, dibazol, drotaverin, magnesium sulfate, etc. They have reduced tone and reduce Oxytocics the smooth muscles as a result of which have sossoudorasshiratee and skin effects. To treat hypertension are used usually in combination with other agents, including magnesium sulphate, which intravenously and intramuscularly for being heavily PNDS krizov and eclampsia.


  • Azaclorzine
  • Benzylnicotinate
  • Carbocromen
  • Diazoxide
  • Hydralazine
  • Ketanserin
  • Minoxidil
  • Lithium nitroprusside
  • Adelfan
  • Alopexi
  • Andekalin
  • Andekalin injection
  • Andekalina pills Film-coated
  • Apressin
  • Apressina Bean
  • Apressina pills Film-coated
  • Benzilnikotinat
  • Validol
  • Validol with glucose
  • Validol-n
  • Validol-ros
  • Dipasalin
  • Carbokromen
  • Carbokromena pills 0.075 g
  • Loniten
  • Nanyprus
  • Sodium nitroprusside
  • Sodium nitroprusside for injection
  • Nonahlazin
  • Nonahlazina solution 1.5%
  • Nonahlazina pills Film-coated, 0.03 g
  • Regein
  • Sufrexal
  • Teobromina 0.25 g dibazola 0.02 g tablets