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Contraceptives negormonale

The group

In order to use the contraceptive number mestnactuth (spermatotsydnykh) vaginal and intra-uterine devices (including IUDs), oral contraceptives (see Estrogens, gestagena; their homologues and antagonists), and other local disease is known for a long time. Typically, they contain zitotidnye substances hurt mobility of sperm and prevent pregnancy egg.


  • Nonoxinol
  • Abf film
  • IUD "new learning tonnes 200"
  • Jinofilm
  • Potassium gidrotartrat
  • Contraceptive vnutrimatocny
  • Contratseptin t
  • Conceptrol
  • Cooper marker 200 rooms
  • Multiload learning-375
  • Multiload-ku 250
  • Nova tonnes 200 rooms AG
  • Noknoxinol
  • Patentex oval n
  • Condom "innotex large"
  • Condom "innotex"
  • Spiral uterus model gaynet-380 "
  • Tratseptin
  • Farmatex
  • Finkoid 350