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Funds affecting the metabolism of the prostate gland and correctors urodynamics

The group

The group merged funds used in adenome prostate gland. For treatment using hormonal : androgenne, estrogenic, anti - (see Protivoopujoleve hormonal and hormone antagonists); in the past now are most important. Some of them escape androgenove receptors in the "kletkah-misheniah", including in the prostate gland (flutamid, ciproteronazett, nilutamid) Other blocking activation testosterone-its fermentativoe hydrogenation.
Since giperplaziu prostate cancer and the emergence of adenoma stimulates digidrotestosteron (DGT), which turns testosterone under the influence 5-alfa-reduktaza, its inhibitors can delay the growth of prostate cancer and retard development of adenoma. In androgennami receptors, these substances are not linked. Of the products of the group most known finasterid (proscar) permickson, serpens.
In chronic prostatitis and adenome prostate effective enough electoral blockers альфа_1-адренорецепто��ов (prazosin, alfuzosin, terzozin, tamsulosin, etc.) to facilitate the withdrawal of urine. Applied to products of plant origin (trianol, neponem, adenostop etc.).


  • Doxazosin
  • Finasteride
  • Mepartricin
  • Prazosin
  • Terazosin
  • Adenostop
  • Artezin
  • Bioline prosteit
  • Vero-finasterid
  • Doksazosin
  • Doksazosine mesilate
  • Ipertrofan 40
  • Kamiren
  • Cardura
  • Cardura hl
  • Magurol
  • Novo-prazin
  • Permickson
  • Prazosin, norton healthcare
  • Prazosin-farmahim
  • Prazosine pills
  • Prazozinbene
  • Prostavern urtika
  • Prostagut
  • Prostagut mono
  • Fort Prostagut
  • Prostakor
  • Prostanorm
  • Prostatilen
  • Prosterid
  • Raveron
  • Samprost
  • Setegis
  • Tadenan
  • Terzozin
  • Trianol
  • Urtiron