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By means of raising the tone and reinforce Oxytocics Oxytocics activity, are LPV drugs, oxytocin and its derivatives prostaglandins.
Alkaloids LPV (ergometrine, metilargometrin, ergotamine and ergotal) stimulate uterine musculature and widely used for its atony and related uterine artistic methods. Hemostatic effect was primarily due to perejatiem receptacles while reducing Oxytocics. In the postpartum period preparations LPV up opposite the uterus. Sporynju shall also menorragiah (menstrual artistic methods), and uterine artistic methods unrelated to the human menstrual cycle. Recommandations are pregnancy and childbirth (Later reduction uterus muscles can cause asphyxia fruit).
Oxytocin (see Hormones hypothalamus, pituitary, gonadotropin and their antagonists) is a peptide hormone (oktapeptidom) to the back of pituitary; now receive synthetically.
Oxytocin and the related drugs cause or increase of uterine muscles (especially during pregnancy), increases the secretion of milk, increasing a hormone lactogennogo front of hypopituitarism (hormone). Applied these funds to facilitate delivery of accelerating inwalucia uterus in the postpartum period and activate mammary glands.
Prostaglandins are the nutrients physiologically active substances, formed in the body from arahidonova and digomolinoleinova acids influenced gli (see Prostaglandin, tromboksana, lakotriena and their antagonists). Some of them, in particular Pgf_2alfa PGE_2 and have the ability to increase airway Oxytocics and are used as stimulants generic activities.


  • Berberine bisulfate
  • Cotarnine
  • Demoxytocin
  • Dinoprost
  • Dinoprostone
  • Ergometrine
  • Methylergometrine
  • Oxytocin
  • Pachycarpine
  • Sygethin
  • Terlipressin
  • Setting baby
  • Thyme flowers
  • Concentrated small grass
  • Berberina bisulfat
  • Berberina exposure pills 0.005 g
  • Seekers avian (sporysha) grass
  • Dezaminooksitoqin
  • 55A bark
  • 55A fruit
  • 55A fresh fruit
  • 55A extract liquid
  • Kotarnina chloride (stiptitin)
  • Kotarnina chloride tablets, coated liner 0.05g
  • Nettle leaves, lemon fruit collection
  • Krovohlebki rhizome and roots
  • Krovohlebki cornevishche root and
  • Metilargobrevin
  • Metilargometrin
  • Synthetic oxytocin
  • Oxytocin, ferring-leciva a.s.
  • Oksitoqin-maz
  • Oksitoqin-maz injection 5 units / ml
  • Oxytocin injection
  • Sedge parvska grass
  • Pastushyei bags grass
  • Pastushyei bags extract liquid
  • Pahicarpina gidroyodid
  • Pahicarpina gidroyodida injection 3%
  • Pahicarpina gidroyodida tablets 0.1 g
  • Perestupna white fresh root (brionia white)
  • Perestupna white roots juice
  • Pituitrin injection
  • Prostenon
  • Prostenon-gel
  • Prostenon solution for the infusions concentrated alcohol
  • Prostenongel
  • Prostin e_2
  • Prostin f_2-alfa
  • Remestip
  • Sigetin
  • Sigetin-standart
  • Sigetina tablets 0.1 g
  • Daeungjeon tholstoplodna grass
  • LPV cap ergotaminovogo strain
  • Spur
  • Sferofiza grass
  • Cotton root bark
  • Zerwiprost
  • Cisteza bukvitsvetny grass
  • Cisteza bukvitsvetny extract liquid
  • Ensaprost fax
  • Enzaprost-f
  • Ergometrina maleate
  • Ergometrina maleate solution 0.02% in 182,000,000
  • Ergometrina maleate tablets 0.0002 g
  • Ergotal
  • Ergotala injection 0.05%
  • Ergotala pills 0.001g