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The group

The antibiotic of this group is ml, the product life microorganism Streptomyces venezuelae. Antibacterial properties levovreatmati stereoisomer (levomicetin). The antibiotic has a broad spectrum of activity; Effective for many grampolaugitionah and gramotricationah bacteria ricketsi, spirohet and some of the major viruses (disease trachoma, fever, etc.); operates in strains of bacteria resistant to penitsillino, streptomitino, sulfanilamidam. Maloakteven against acid bacteria, Escherichia Coli, claustridi and simple. In normal doses of bakteriostaz.
The antimicrobial action of chloramphenicol (levomicetina) is a violation of protein synthesis microorganisms. He blocks polymerization activated amino acid residues associated with the matrix RNA. Sustainability microorganisms to hloramfenikolu moving relatively slowly, and are usually cross-resistance to other himioterpevticeski means does not arise.


  • Chloramphenicol
  • D, l (racemic) ml
  • D-l ml
  • Dl-hloramfenikol
  • Iruxol
  • Kortomicetin
  • Levomicetin
  • Levomicetin-ubf
  • Levomicetina liniment
  • Levomicetina sodium succinate
  • Levomicetina solution 0.25%
  • Levomicetina alcohol solution
  • Levomicetina alcohol solution 0.25%
  • Levomicetina solution alcohol 1%
  • Levomicetina sodium succinate
  • Levomicetina succinate sodium salt
  • Sintomicin
  • Sintomicin-rusfar
  • Sintomitina liniment
  • Suppositories with vaginal sintomitinom 0.25 g
  • Fluimutil-antibiotik IT
  • Chloramphenicol
  • Chloramphenicol Left
  • Chloramphenicol sterile
  • Chloramphenicol sodium succinate sterile