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Ansamitina-team antibiotics due radiant fungus Streptomyces mediterranei. The transformation of the chemical structure of natural ansamitinov (rifamitinov) provided a semi-derivative rifampicin (main representative). The antibiotic has a broad range of actions and effective for many grampolaugitionah and gramotricationah microbial pathogens spread disease, brucellosis, leprosy and tuberculosis. There he bactericidal. It permeates through the cell membranes and suppresses synthesis of RNA, forming a complex with Dnk-zawisimoy Rnk-polimerzoy. Typically, the combination with other antibiotics increases antibacterial effect. Immunity against disseminated quick, but not a cross.
Rifampicin particularly attractive for tuberculosis, inflammatory lung diseases and respiratory tract (including bronchitis, pneumonia) caused polirezistentnami stafilokokkami, acute and chronic osteomielite, moche- infections and psoriasis ways.


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