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See also Nifuroxazide

Roman name


The composition and the form of

1 tablet coated liner nifuroksazida contains 100 mg; blistere in 24 pcs. , in a carton blister.100 1 g suspension for receiving inside-4 g; Patients in the 90 ml, complete with measuring spoon (5 ml of 0.22 g), in a cardboard bundle one bottle.

Of drugs

Antimicrpobial, Sun (bactericidal). Does degidrogenaza, oppressing breathing chain cycle Citric acid and a number of other biochemical processes in the microbial cell; Destroys microbial wall and zitoplazmaticalkie membranes. Decreases products toxins.


There is absorbed from the digestive tract.


Effective against grampolaugitionah (staphylococci, streptococci), and gramotricationah (salmonella, shigella, protei) pathogenic bacteria.


Diarrhoea (acute or chronic), incl. infectious nature; food poisoning; catarrhs syndrome (fermenters, gnilostnye and parasitic).

Pregnancy and lactation

The caution (only after consultation with the doctor).


Гиперчувствительност ь (including derivatives 5-nitrofurana).


During the treatment should not be used with alcohol.

Dosing and Administration

Inside. Answers : adults and children older than six years, 200 mg, for children up to 6 years in the 100 mg every six hours Module - 6 Dnei.suspenzia : adult-1 measuring teaspoonful every 6 hours; Children 6 months-2 measuring spoons a day over six months on the three dimensional spoons per day.

Storage conditions

susp. for the reception inside : When temperaturetabl.p.o room. : At room temperature

Shelf life

tabl.p.o. : 3 and

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