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Antineoplastic funds

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Pharmacotherapy neoplastic diseases, along with radiation therapy and surgery, is the most important component in the fight against cancer. In recent years, it has grown many new drugs povsivshimi its effectiveness and safety.
All antineoplastic drugs share to a number of groups on the basis of their chemical structure, mechanism of action, the sources : alkilirute substances (see Alkilirute tools) antimetabolita (see Antimetabolita), antibiotics (see Protivoopujoleve antibiotics) agonists and antagonists hormones (see Protivoopujoleve hormonal and hormone antagonists) alkaloids and other plant foods (see Protivoopujoleve of plant origin, including alkaloids).
More recently, a great deal of attention attracted antineoplastic endogenous compounds. An effective interferonov from certain types of tumors, studied protivoopujoleva activity other limfokinov (interleukin-1 and 2).
Along with the specific inhibiting impact on the tumors, modern antineoplastic funds operate in other tissues and the organism that on the one hand, makes them undesirable side effects, and on the other hand, allows them to be used in other areas of medicine.
One of the major side effects of anticancer chemotherapy is the oppression of blood, which requires precise regulation of doses and the use of drugs; , it should be borne in mind that depression gemopoaiza increases with the combination therapy, combination products to radiation therapy, etc. Often there are nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, possible alopecia, and other side effects. Some antineoplastic antibiotics have cardio (doxorubicin, etc.), and nefro- ototoksicnostthew. In the application of the drugs may gieperriquemii development. Estrogens, androgena, their analogues and antagonists may cause hormonal disorders.
One of the characteristics of many drugs therapy is the immunosupressivne accompanied by the development of infectious complications. At the same time, a number of therapy (methotrexate, azathioprine, ziklofosfan, cytarabine, prospidin, etc.) used as immunosuppressants autoimmune diseases.
Common recommandations to the use of therapy drugs are expressed leiko- and thrombocytopenia, severe cachexia, terminal stage of the disease. The question of their use in pregnancy is decided on its own merits. Usually, the risk tertogennogo of these drugs during pregnancy is not appointed, and through breastfeeding (should stop breastfeeding).
Antineoplastic applied unless vracha-onkologa appointment. Depending on the disease and its current effectiveness and acceptability chemotherapy may vary scheme destination dose be combined with other drugs, etc.
Recently, a medicinal methods for improving endurance therapy drugs. For example, new high protivorvotnye funds (serotonin blockers 5-nt_3-retseptorov : ondansetron, tropisetron, etc.) have been shown to reduce nausea and vomiting, ""колониестимулирующи е factors "(filgrastim, molgramostim, etc.) to reduce the risk of neutropenia.