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Antineoplastic antibiotics

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First protivoopujolevy antibiotic-dactinomycin was received in 1963. In a subsequent screening products germs led to the opening of a number of effective therapy of chemotherapy drugs products are different types of soil fungi, or synthetic derivatives.
Currently, therapy of antibiotics most applications have antratziklin (antrahinonove compounds), bleomycin is a fleomitinam, dactinomycin, a aktinomitinom and mitomicin-specific antibiotic with a alkilirutm action.
Antratziklinove antibiotics (daunorubicin, doxorubicin, idarubitsin, karubitsin and epirubitsin) are among the most effective means protivoopujolevam.
Structural basis antratziklinovykh antibiotic therapy is тетрагидротетраценхи ноновый hromofor consisting of aliphatic shesticlennogo and three aromatic rings. The chemically they differ Vice hromofore in and the sugar residues.
The zitotoksicski antratziklinovykh of antibiotics is linked mainly to the inhibition of the synthesis of nucleic acids by intercalation between pairs of the nitrogen grounds secondary violation spiralizace DNA at the expense of interaction with topoizomeraza II, as well as tying up with lipids of cellular membranes, accompanied by a change in ion transport and cellular functions. This arrangement results in high levels of activity antimitoticescuu with low selectivity action. Antratziklinove antibiotics have also immunodepressivne (mielosupressivne) and the antibacterial action, but as a means Russia will not apply.
Antratziklinove antineoplastic antibiotics used in many malignant tumors, various types of blood cancer, sarkomah soft tissues, kartsinomah and other solid tumors. Spectrum indication for use of antibiotic is determined by its chemical composition, the individual pharmacokinetics and farmakodinamicakimi properties and the degree of knowledge. Apart from the therapeutic effects all antineoplastic antratziklinove antibiotics are some side-effects from low selective action. Chief among these effects is a potentially irreversible cumulative dozozawisimaya cardiotoksicnosti, allegedly due francoradikalnam damage cell membranes attack. Antratziklinove antibiotics also have embriotoksicskimi, mutagenic and teratogenic properties. Use them in conjunction with other tools protivoopujolevami reduce doses and reducing the frequency and severity of toxic effects.
Bleomycin is a mixture of various glikopeptidov produced by Streptomyces verticillus. It also suppresses the synthesis of nucleic acids (mainly DNA) and protein inducyruya DNA fragmentation, followed by the formation of free radicals. More active in the early stages of tumour process, relatively little stupid kostnomozgove blood not have a significant immune action. Bleomycin applied mainly in the combined treatment testikuliarnah types of cancer kartsinom and cancer. Like other antineoplastic antibiotics, bleomycin caused some side effects, the most serious of which are anaphylactic shock, Respiratory toxicity and fever.
Daktinomin as antratziklinove antibiotics, built between pairs of the nitrogen grounds forming stable complex with DNA, and violates Dnk-zawisimy RNA synthesis. Applied it in combination with surgery, radiation therapy and / or in combination with vinchristinom, ziklofosfamidom metotrexatom and in the treatment of tumors Villmsa, rabdomiosarkoma, horiokartsinom and certain other types of tumors. The dozozawisimy toxicity daktinomitina oppression, the bone marrow, until development spiritual anemia.
Mitomitin, unlike other antibiotics therapy, exhibiting the properties alkilirutego agent causing selective inhibition of the synthesis of DNA, and, in high concentrations and supresshiyu cellular RNA and protein synthesis. Applied it as a support for radiation therapy, and in combination with other protivoopujolevami means (including protivoopujolevami antibiotic) in the treatment of disseminated adenocartinom different localization chronic limfo- and mielolakoza. The main side effect is mitomitina heavy mielosuprescia relatively late toxic effects on all three rostkovh of bone marrow.
It said antibiotics antitumor activity with a number of producers are different aktinomiceta (olivomicin, rufokromomicin, reumitsin). At the moment, however, Russia preparations containing these antibiotics are not made.


  • Bleomycin
  • Carubicin
  • Dactinomycin
  • Daunorubicin
  • Doxorubicin
  • Epirubicin
  • Idarubicin
  • Mitomycin
  • Olivomycin
  • Reumycin
  • Rufocromomycin
  • Streptozocin
  • Adriamizin
  • Instant Adriblastin
  • Aksidokso
  • Blastoqin
  • Bleomicetina hydrochloride
  • Bleomicetina hydrochloride for injection 0.005 g
  • Bleoqin
  • Bruneomicin
  • Bruneomicin injection
  • Bruneomicin acid
  • Vero-mitomicin
  • Vero-epirubitsin
  • Dactinomycin
  • Daktinomitina injection
  • Daunozom
  • Doksolem
  • Doksorubifer
  • Doxorubicin
  • Doksorubitsin-teva
  • Doksorubitsin-ferein
  • Doksorubitsin-ebeve
  • Doksorubitina hydrochloride
  • Doksorubitina hydrochloride for injection 0.01g
  • Zavedos
  • Zanozar
  • Idarubitsin (zavedos)
  • Karminomitina hydrochloride
  • Karminomitina hydrochloride for injection
  • Kelix
  • Cosmegen
  • Mitomitin c
  • Mitomicin-c
  • Mitomicin-c audit
  • Mitomicin-lans
  • Mutamizin
  • Olivomicin
  • Olivomicin acid
  • Pingyanmitsin
  • Rastoqin
  • Reumitsin
  • Rubomitina hydrochloride
  • Farmorubitsin
  • Instant Farmorubitsin
  • Zerubidin
  • Epilem
  • Epirubitina hydrochloride