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Sklerosirute funds

The group

Regarding the group used for sklerosiruta therapy varikozna disease, haemorrhoids, teleangioektasiah, etc. Initially, this goal pursued by the various chemical compounds : 5% solution of phenol, carbolovu acid chlorides and perhlorida metals. Currently, sklerosiruta therapy appoint polidokanol and tetradezilsulfat sodium. Both compounds are detergent and the поверхностно-активны��и properties. When injecting they break Stroke endotelj and to the formation of thrombus. With compression (foot) is spadenie walls of the blood vessels, and formed as a result of the brain tissue fibrosnaya interwoven with the walls wrists. A fibrosny scar and a partial or complete obliteration wrists.
Polidokanol along with sklerosirutm action has mestnoanesteziruta activity.